Friday, August 26, 2011

The Latest Marxist Agit-Prop

Is it possible that Ace, who is such a know-it-all, is completely uninformed by the revelations of David Horowitz?

Regarding how Ace responded to Romney hecklers stories at Likely Liberal Plants Continue Heckling Romney.

Ace came up with a viable solution to deal with this latest street theater. And then he frets that it will look bad. Well duh you biggest moron. Is that the extent of your analysis?

Anyone who recalls from one of David Horowitz' books -- I think Radical Son -- how he attended Marxist "summer camps" where agit-prop and street theater were taught and tested and creepy little red monsters emerged. That fact ought to be clear in how brazen are the hecklers as they remain on message and unperturbed to all efforts at ending their disturbance. Romney acts like he's appealing to the understanding of a real human being. That's been totally drummed out of these creeps. All that they want to do, what they are aiming to do, is be kicked out so that the media cameras can catch the desired reaction.

What we do to fight back? Film them in action and run it in counterpoint to the nightly news as portrayed in by the Statist propaganda media.

Why isn't David Horowitz hot on this story? Maybe he WILL be. Sure seems to be where he's got the expertise.

73 How is it that the Moron in Chief here either does not know or -- what is more likely -- does not dare identify this as agit-prop? And then goes on to fret that his prescribed course of actions would look bad. Is that the extent of your analysis Ace? Dare not look bad at all costs? Perhaps you've been made an offer you cannot refuse.
Posted by: Pascal Fervor at August 26, 2011 06:45 AM.
Og quips in IM:
"Agit-prop? Why nobody of any consequence uses that term anymore. It's so 60s."
Yeah, now it is so much easier for SKUNCs to aid the Left in getting away with agit-prop. Like the "victim" Romney here, who would never dream of filling a pedagogical remedial function like a true man opposition should. Or like Ace.


  1. They're simply trolls made flesh. And as you say, there are ways of dealing with them.
    The right needs to get as organized as these marxist creeps--and fast.

  2. WTF am I doing up at 3:30 AM? I got real-life stuff to do in a few hours.

  3. "They're trolls made flesh." Yeah, it's especially a nightmare KG that someone like Ace does not know or -- what is more likely -- refuses to call it agit-prop. It's not all that's keeping me awake, but it sure doesn't help knowing there are large bloggers out there who play dumb.

  4. The worlds most well documented case of survivors guilt

  5. Oops Og. I believe you meant this comment for the post which precedes this one, Epitaph for A Wasted Wit.


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