Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You're Getting Off the Point

Some of my readers may be grateful that I recalled the 1991 Albert Brooks comedy "Defending Your Life" yesterday. This link I've deliberately begun at 5:28 made possible by a feature newly discovered at Youtube.

Or for those who would rather work your way to 5:28, here's the embed.

At least one of you will particularly like the interchange at 8:13. This is an example of what the lying media keeps trying to pull brazenly in the face of all contrary proof. It is also reminiscent of what Alan Derschowitz says he resorts to (but with more skill) when he's faced with facts and evidence he knows runs against his case.

I recalled this because the MSM and talkradio (a vanishing distinction) are not the only place we find this subterfuge-balderdash.

I hope you are grateful, as am I, for one tough cookie having provided us a training ground to fight this sort of thing; especially the frustration. He did it again only yesterday. This interchange provides an example in microcosm of the game the public louts have been playing with us. It contains many elements of the frustrations they throw at us.
It ends with a prod to move on.
Its lesson: Do not await another party to tell you what you already know is true. You do not need anyone else's pat on the head to know what is the right course of action for yourself and your nation.


  1. That was a nice epilogue, Pascal.

    Its a sad thing to witness a friendship to flash and then go out.

    I don't take the loss of friendship lightly - especially someone whom I held in high esteem.

    Og will be missed.

  2. I'm still here. I'm not going anywhere soon.

    I'll still be waiting when you smarten up, the both of you, as I always have been.

  3. I've removed 11 more comments. Please take it to email gentlemen. Thanks.

  4. Well Ed, you know Og's theory: It must be painful to really learn from an experience.

    I'm not endorsing his absolutist claim. Must is 100%, and there is virtually no certainty except death and taxes. But I surely understand how pain is certainly helpful in driving an unwelcome idea home. You may remind a kid a dozen times not to touch a hot stove, but it takes only a single burn, however small, for the stubborn tyke to finally get the message.


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