Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Rick Perry Did Not Say

  • He did not say we need a candidate who will call out the Marxist in the White House. 
  • He did not say we need a candidate who will reverse the Democratic Slave Party's enslavement of our grandchildren.
  • He did not say we need a candidate who is unafraid of the Slave Party media Agency of Lies.
  • He did not say we need a candidate
    • who will keep our borders secure and
    • who will glory in our American culture and defend it from multicultural suicide, and
    • who will end the EPA running roughshod over every aspect of our lives.
Why didn't Rick Perry say these things in this ad? Because he is not that candidate.

Check his record of things like ignoring the border in his own state. Check that he campaigned for Al Gore (1988). (Gee, I wonder if he's really flipped on global warming even now?) Yes his state is booming in comparison to the rest of the country -- but he was also blessed with a very conservative legislature due in large part to the heavy lifting of Tom DeLay.

Bottom line: Rick Perry looks too much like George W Bush -- not simply in physical appearance -- and that my friends is NOT a good thing.


  1. I don't think he is of the same stripe as either Bush (jr or sr), but specifically Bush-the younger. It always seemed George almost went out of his way to be nice, or to please people (compassionate conservative anyone). I don't see this tact in Perry. To be sure he has his faults and short comings. They all do.

    Here is his "toss his hat into the ring speech". although it does not specifically address all your points above, I think it's flavor and intent is in that general direction.

    He is against Obama's polices, specifically his fiscal mismanagement. And claims to be for smaller government at the federal level.

    But again, as with any prospective candidate, best to check his record as governor, and what he has said in the past IRT current political hot button issues.

  2. Campaigning in 1988 for Al Gore might not be as damning as it sounds. Gore was a lot more conservative sounding then.
    I'm not jumping on anyone's wagon yet, and they all deserve close scrutiny.
    From what I understand there's no love between Perry and Bush.
    Perry ordering mandatory std vaccs for minors is troubling.

  3. Both you gentlemen have the right attitude: "I want to be convinced Mr. Perry, so convince me."

    At this point I would have been more inclined to Mrs. Bachmann but for the fact that Ed Rollins is still her campaign manager. If I had the resources, I'd investigate how it came to pass that Rollins is there and expose it. That's how certain am I that he's an establishment plant.

    Her firing him (for revealed cause) would solidify her current lead. As it now stands, the longer he remains the longer he can do irreparable damage to her and the chances for the TEA Party to have a recognizable candidate.

    Mr. Perry has lots of money with much more to follow. I sense disaster with his entry into the race. I already see slick facade, such as his opening statements honoring the dead Seals. They service honors them more than anything we can say, but he sought to use their honor for himself. Surely you too must find that skin crawlingly awkward given what his was there to speak about -- his entry into the race. Too self serving. My Texas friend would probably say I'm being too harsh; I'm saddened really. Suspicions being confirmed have that effect on me.

    Ed: There was no love lost between the Clintons and Obamarx either, yet Hillary is now his Secy of State. I agree individuals can change sides suddenly in politics, as I did around 1974, but I was nowhere close to being a state campaign head for any Slave Party Prez candidate (a proven to be deranged man too) either.

    Guy: Thanks to a Texas reader who emailed me his blanket complaint that every bullet point was wrong, I had already heard Mr. Perry's speech.

    Mr. Perry had weeks to prepare it, whilst my critique of this ad was one of my fastest pieces I have ever put together. He was both facile in his complaints but careful as well.

    He is still too damn careful about naming the enemy.

    At this point in time I have begun to fear moderates far more than the radicals in Obama's czardoms. Why? Because our republic's very life is being threatened.

    The Left: "I have come to kill you."
    You: "The hell you will."
    Moderates: "Oh c'mon. Be reasonable. Let's give him an ear lobe to pacify him."

    That's is clearly what moderates like the SKUNCs have been doing for 50 years at least. Telling us to bend over and take it so as to appease the Left.

    And now that the Left is on the verge of getting everything they wanted -- they always cried "more, more, more" no matter how much they got -- and our "moderates" are still demanding that YOU not speak offensively of them? WTF? I think it is time we recognize that there the "moderates" are either agents of the other side, or were the ringleaders from the get-go.

    You know how Og keeps saying that we're kidding ourselves if we think we can vote ourselves out of this mess? He's assuredly correct should we keep following Politically Cowered speech suppression enforced by "moderates." If we continue to fear scaring the sheeple, perhaps we're one of them.

  4. Perry is a Romney re-tread.

    Thanks for the info about Perry. I don't trust him.

    Here's a video where Kathleen Sebelius admits that she and Rick Perry paid homge to (er.. visited - my bad) the Bilderbirge group:

    Here's a nice article with Perry's connection to the Bilderberg group:

    Prepare to see more Press-Puff-Pieces for this dope in the future!

  5. Look at who the MSM are "promoting" as the three "front runners" in the GOP primary race.

    1. Perry: George Bush on steroids.

    2. Paul: (There is a move afoot to legitimize him ... much along the lines of Perot, back in the 92 election campaign season.) The Libertarian in GOP clothing, with a dash of Pat Buchanan thrown in. There could be some argument for his domestic policy/fiscal policy (indeed, these are his strongest areas). But the man is devoid of any realistic grasp of foreign policy and military preparedness in the 21st century. As a friend of mine mentioned a couple days back, and I paraphrase here, "He has true flashes of genius, but the man is batshit crazy.
    He is the "Rainman" for our political times.

    3. Bachman: She is strong on fiscal concerns/concepts. Strong on having a good overall grasp of the Constitution. Pro-Israel. Pro 2nd Amendment, Pro Military. However, I see hints of her willing to fall into the trap of the far right... of legislating morality, beyond what the Constitution might have intended for the federal level of government. For example; (and I could be mistaken, as I don't have a direct quote handy) I believe she is for the formal establishment of recognizing marriage as exclusive to a man and a woman. Thus preventing gay (and other types of) marriage. The government needs to stay out of the bed room. (As an aside, I am not for enforcing "the right for gay marriage", via legislation of any sort. Civil Unions on the other hand is not a problem. But this is a topic for another day,)

    To put it another way; those who try to impose a "Holier Than Thou" attitude in advancing legislation, are just as bad as those who go down the road of "We Know What is Best for You/We Know Better Than You" when trying to enact legislation. Both are equally wrong.

    She is also limited in her experience at an executive level. She has (as you note, a political handler who is less than steller, and if not damaging to her campaign, could influence her choices in who she picks as a running mate/cabinate positions. Time will tell.

    So we have three candidates, the "top three" currently. None are without their flaws, some with greater concerns than others. But all three are, at least for now, having if not a positive spin by the media, are at least not being savaged by same (for the moment).

    Two of the three are for all intent and purposes, retreads of previous presidents/presidential hopefuls. And one who is, for the most part, a largely unknown/untested quantity.

    We shall see.

  6. And here is a bit of good quality reporting on Perry check it out.


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