Thursday, August 04, 2011

“What is happening in this world?”

The question of the title is one often expressed by those feeling the frustration from hearing about and even seeing some of the most bizarre news and events in our lifetimes.

What is happening in this world is actually explained by the pervasiveness of nonsense.

Think of the nonsense as chaff in a MIRV. The bomb is more likely to get to its target when the enemy scatters enough puffs of aluminum foil to saturate your radar. It overloads your detection sensors and reduces the effectiveness of your network of defenses.

Nonsense is the chaff of those aiming to enslave us.

To see how this question came up and some of the additional thoughts I came up with, please go to this thread at Trueblue NZ.

The following contains the corrections to a later comment I posted in the thread at the above link.

I consistently make a distinction between contemporary liberals and the Left (by which I mean HARD Left). There are many reformed liberals who are now hardline conservatives or libertarians or non-labeled anti-Leftists. Given the major point you made just this week (at Its All Going to Plan for the Global Left) about divide and conquer that the Left has used to make its advances, I imagine what you are saying that it is too late to bother arguing any longer with liberals too.

The thing is, as the Left boldly exposes its sinister intentions as never before in my long lifetime, there have been people who are willing to see the need to can them all. It can be supremely dangerous to not be willing to speak with each suddenly awakening sheep for reasons like we saw in Zimbabwe’s last election. When we do not talk to each other, the ease of sustaining fraudulent elections becomes easier. The lying media will continue to give voice to ever fewer liberals and either pretend conservatives do not exist, or put spotlights time and again on “conservatives” of their choosing (either stupid or threatening or racist or selfish or any combination). It’s the inherent decency of most conservatives, with their live and let live ethic (even social conservatives are less intrusive on individuals both by law and custom than the left has become by law and PC) that, when properly expressed on a personal level, undermines the propaganda machinations.

For me, I treat hardline Leftists as you express. There is no sense in arguing with them except off to the side, without them interrupting, so we can get a word in edgewise; so that the uninformed can get a fair chance to judge how our arguments are superior to theirs. Of course the hard Left knows what they’re really doing. Like I analogized above, such chaff nonsense as they promulgate even after proven wrong amounts to their mounting a campaign of lies.

I guess its my own wish for myself that I pass along to you and your readers. Despite the near overwhelming barrage of nonsense (chaff) put into the air and kept in flight by the Left, I come here trying to offer you some strength to fight the frustration that the MSM Agency of Lies is in business to instill in us all. I think we should remember and draw strength from the words of Winston Churchill:
“Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

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