Friday, August 19, 2011

The Rotten Demonization of Anti-Abortionists

The single biggest dirty trick that abortionists and their propaganda arm have done was to paint anti-abortionists as anti-woman. It worked much as reverse psychology works. If those in power deem you must have children, you show them. It worked like a charm, at least since the 1920s, to drive some women to endorse abortion on demand. And thanks to media giving the feminists such a high profile, they did it by telling women it was a way to rebel against The Man. Thus that Leftist boogeyman name for the Establishment wound up having a double meaning that was quite useful for the radical feminists (misandrists).

The reality is that abortionists are an arm of the Left's anti-human squad. That squad is revealed in the following Venn diagram.
Venn Diagram of Anti-Human Sentiments

This diagram suggests that all the hatreds, of men, of women, of marriage and of new births, are all subsets of misanthropy. It should be plain as day that abortion, among all the hatreds above, has played a pernicious role in exacerbating the other hatreds. It was intended to play the primary role in reducing the number of people on the planet. It certainly succeeded in the West through persuasion, and in China through tyranny. The third world's resistance to abortion has advanced the advocacy of post-birth abortions. Once the Globalists attain their dream -- God forbid -- of total control, it is a certainty that any masking of such intentions will be totally discarded.

Here is how you can readily identify abortion as a fundamental program of the Left. The Left almost always modifies a good thing in order to promote a bad thing or to create a bad thing out of a good thing. For example, justice by itself is wholly unfit for the goals of the Left. so they invented and exploited the concept of social justice for ages. And now they're wreaking havoc on our economy with a new one called environmental justice.

And with abortion, the Left has been in full out mode in creating modified humans; subhumans if you will. Here is a partial list of the people being killed by this Leftist program. they are fetuses; they are unwanted children; they are malformed children; they are diseased children; they are functionally impaired children; they are burdensome children, they are unwanted children. Never, no never, are they considered simply children let alone persons.

Dividing up children in this manner has made it possible to convince many parents to hand over their children to the abortion mills. And now the state is on the verge of making it mandatory. How ever they have "modified" the meaning of children, the victims of abortion are still all children.

And none of us should be surprised at this. Tyrants, by their very disregard for their subjects, are full out misanthropes. They value people only to the extent that they are useful, and then discarded when deemed of no further use. Subdividing children in this manner is simply another form of divide and conquer: the despots' favorite means to achieve their end.

The public is constantly preached to about how we must fight the Left's invented "fears." Homophobia, Xenophobia, and Islamophobia for instance. But of the Left's deadly misanthropy, you hear hardly a word -- unless you come to this blog. Why is that? Hmmmm?

Once again, here is the question that virtually everybody in power or behind a microphone pretends not to hear:
How is it that we never hear you direct a harsh word at the Malthusian, Utilitarian and Green nutcases?


  1. The rotting of Western Civilizations' soul:

    Christianity ----> Secular Humanism ----> Moral Relativity ----> Atheism ----> Nihilism.

    Once God has been removed from someones core beliefs, the inner decay continues apace and barely noticable to the individual. From loving Man and Life to the inevitable misery of mere existence.

    The attendant societal ills such as abortion and drug use are manifestations of this slide to death and death-loving.

    "Cold be hand and heart and bone
    and cold be sleep under stone
    never more to wake on stony bed
    never, till the Sun fails and the Moon is dead
    In the black wind the stars shall die
    and still be gold here let them lie
    till the Dark Lord lifts his hand over dead sea and withered land."

    —The dismal, tortured chant of the Barrow-wight.

    Its hard to believe that evil can be taught, yet, here we are with its dark fruit before our eyes.

  2. We all have different handles on us to which evil can grab hold. It's not so much taught as encouraged to "go with what feels good." Remember that line Cond? Within each generation there always were those who went for the short term payoff instead of the long term investment. The old parable of the grasshopper and the ants informs me that is so. When was that taught recently?

    See, it's what is not taught -- to be circumspect in our choices -- as we once were. So now we have many more who are grasshoppers. So many it's like a plague of locusts. This is what the misanthropes have been aiming for. Us ants will not be obliterated, but we will surely be decimated and the dying grasshoppers will destroy what they don't steal.

  3. "The old parable of the grasshopper and the ants informs me that is so."

    The ant and the Grasshopper? Oh! I believe I have it... here:


    Heh. Couldn't resist.

    The grasshoppers you are referring to are on welfare and federal aid programs, Pascal. I believe the Democrats have legislated the grasshopper dependency programs into existence to create a voter bloc. Wit hthe economy on the skids, perhaps it will self correct (or we will go the way of the 2nd and 3rd world countries and have endemic poverty.

    Who knows.


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