Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Setting the Standard for All Western Leaders

The much needed standard is set by the mayor of the City of Brotherly Love, Michael Nutter.
Begin listening to this at 12 minutes, and see if you don't feel like cheering by 14 minutes.

Were his advice heeded and his leadership duplicated, the lot of his target audience would tremendously improve. That specificity alone would be make his words enough. However, there is also a universality in his message. That he at all needed to add the following demonstrates how much in our contemporary world critical thinking has been derided and destroyed.
"[21:58]This nonsense must stop. Right now.... [23:53:]We are not going to tolerate that. We won't tolerate it; we're not going to excuse it because there is no excuse for it. Sense and nonsense cannot exist in the same place, in the same city, in the same world. And it is not going to happen in the city of Philadelphia. You cannot have both at the same time."

It so happens that what he said in this inset above applies to the AGW Fraudsters as well. Sense and nonsense cannot exist in the same place. It is definitively not science when results are ordered to match expectations of those paying for the "science."

Where are the leaders of any color who have been given a chance to rebut the many frauds of the Left? Well, they are almost everywhere. But you may not know how many such voices exist because the rotten Statist media shunts them aside, or when they're too well known, talks over them. Our Conditioners want us to feel alone in our unapproved common-sensical thoughts so they continue with the blackouts, the edited sound-bites, persistently giving air time to dissemblers and character assassins.

The beauty of the TEA Party is that we the people broke the isolation when we went out into the public square and became aware of millions of others who are fed up with being talked down to by the likes of a moron such as Al Gore exquisitely represents. On the Internet too, the people can also get to hear the dissident voices, but it isn't mainstream yet. You know how the truth is never given a fair shake or an honest debate on the mass media. The moneyed and powered and anti-human interests have their claws too deeply embedded there.

The opportunities for new leaders to step forward is enormous. Perhaps it is a sign that God still watches over small children and idiots (in a once free nation).

As for Mayor Nutter. If he is sincere  -- and he is not simply speaking like this for personal gain today and in the old rotten way tomorrow like so many pols before him -- you know what is in store for him from the usual suspects. Have no doubt in your mind that "tomorrow" the toolish TV and print and blog apparatchiks will be charging that he's not really black, that he's an Uncle Tom, a throwback, yada, yada, and more yada.

No unduly self-respecting Leftist will be able to tolerate this leader. And don't for a minute think that it's only white Democratic Slave Party leaders who are seething today. There are far too many Republican "moderates" who are also seething and awaiting their buddies on the other side of the aisle to sideline or otherwise dispose of Mayor Nutter so that the tyrannical divisiveness -- as their brain trust, Charlie Manson, envisioned with his Helter Skelter -- can continue as planned.

Be assured:
  • You will hear childish ad hominems based on his last name shortly (at a higher volume than ever he has endured in his life -- Alinksy rules you know).
  • You will need be prepared to defend this sensible man for your wish be fulfilled that more like him arise. He needs us to help him fight the coming firestorm.
  • We need men like him to help restore sense worldwide.
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