Thursday, August 25, 2011

It Does Little Good to Blame All Our Troubles On Obama

If Right bloggers keep on making this economic and societal debacle unfolding only about The Won and not about the Dem policies that were passed 2007-2010, we are setting ourselves up.

Consider what then happens when things get so bad that even Obama has to consider dropping  his reelection bid (or something worse comes about due to Dem desperation). The Right will find itself in one Hell of a fix when the Left, with help from openly defecting GOP "moderates," fields a new Dem candidate.

The problem is that the hard Left has taken over the Dems, and the SKUNCs still control the GOP.

We need to be running against the Dem-SKUNC axis. Obama did not get where he is without major support from the Dem-SKUNC axis and the oligarchs they work for.

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