Wednesday, August 24, 2011

THIS Is the Way Individuals Must Begin to Speak

"Do not ever underestimate the lengths these bastards will go to. Believe me readers, the fight to continue speaking out against these suffocating totalitarian reptiles is only just beginning."

Our friend Redbaiter explains the rigged game as it plays in New Zealand, but it applies to us all.
"They strictly filter comments with only those that buy into left wing concepts making the cut. For example, they will argue about how much wealth should be distributed, but not allow argument that suggests governments should not redistribute wealth at all."
Which is how talk-radio seems always to work now . Medved has been doing this for a decade, but even Mark Levin's screener did it to me two weeks ago.
"All over the globe the left are getting a severe beating on the internet. Because they cannot control it. Leftists can only win when they’re in control. When they can use tactics like ridicule, or proclaim its time to “move on” or so many other tricks and devices that excuse them from the burden of rational debate. (even run “anonymous” sock puppets under false flag operations to discredit the right, an especially cowardly subterfuge)."

Those sort of words are all that really remain of the talking half of what Og has asserted is essentially a fruitless effort time and time again.

Don't get me wrong here. You may turn a few libs between now and November 2012, and even a few "moderate" republicans before February 2012 (primary races).

But the Statists who slipped in during the Bush regime prepared the way for the many more apparatchiks who came in large masses (through the unbridled-by-Congress Czars) now during the Obama regime. You remember how McCain rebuffed in 2008 any conservatives alarms that Obama was a Marxist with "NO! He's a nice man."

So we will have one Dickens of a fight flushing them from their hide-holes. At our expense is bad enough, but do not put it past these megalomaniacal SKUNCS that they'd accept international assistance to retain their perch.

You must not speak any longer in oh-so-hushed tones such as SKUNC pubbies speak to their Dem brethren. No, you must begin to speak like the SKUNCs speak to us: in harsh and unmistakable tones.


  1. "Believe me readers, the fight to continue speaking out against these suffocating totalitarian reptiles is only just beginning."

    These reptiles, these Totalitarians, I am thinking spawn less from an ideology and more from a mentality.

    IoW, it is their nature.

    This kind of creature thrives in opaque byzantine structures such Big Business and Big Government, and Big Universities as they can hide their true intentions and goals in oblique long term projects and goals. But their bottom line is merely power. Their followers are usually useful idiots who have bought into their logical fallacies thinking that it will all come out in the wash eventually (and never does).

    One thing I HAVE noticed is these Lizards' penchant for 'change'. They come in promising a new vision, more efficeint 'business' and then go about doing these changes. Of course the infrastructure changes, but by doing it, the new model then creates its own problems which will need 'time' to iron out.

    After many years of working this new model, a new group of lizards come in to 'change' the system for the better. And so it goes again.

    Eventually, 'change' occurs enough that the new 'vision' and more efficient 'business' resembles one they tried years ago - but its so far in the past, nobody argues against it. How do I know this? I work in a Major Research University. I have seen it here.

    What is the true purpose of all this change? why, its power, silly. All that time and effort gives the proles something to do while the lizards suck off their high salaries, drink out of cocnuts, and earn 15% off their loot they acquired.

    A Totalitarian Government is just a bigger model (and allows for more lizards to thrive) of what happens in corporations, academia and various government institutions.

    I do not know all the types of Lizards, but I do know some on a personal level: They are not creative. They suck off the latest ideas of the day and incorporate it into their sales spiel to sell themselves as 'smart'.

    I think the best way to determine a Lizard infestation is the ratio administrators to workers. The closer to 1 the ratio is, the greater the infestation of Lizards and the less efficient the business/university/government is.

    Bottom line: Lizard-proofing requires keeping the administrator to workers ratio as low as possible. IOW, KISS (keep it simple, stupid)

  2. "So we will have one Dickens of a fight flushing them from their hide-holes."

    Agreed. Hopefully, a bankrupting of the country (by their actions) will do it instead of more sinister methods.

    To make people more Useful-Idiot proof would require a dismantling of the DOE. Otherwise the Lizards will always have its defenders.


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