Monday, April 04, 2011

Making His Bones

To add to your distrust of Glenn Beck folder.

Did you hear Mr. Beck this morning? I swear, all the media is set up to confuse the masses, and Mr. Beck appears to be doing his bit to aid that confusion.

Of all the things he could have said about Pastor Terry Jones, his shtick was simply to mock Mr. Jones’ few words as given in an interview. He did this over and over again for the whole hour and on into the next like a running joke. The running joke should have been a series of riffs exposing the outlandish posture “oh you can’t offend Islam” playing in the halls of power and on the Agency of Lies (including FNC).

In the 2nd hour he was back to disclosing some news not playing elsewhere worth hearing, but by then he got a good portion of his audience tuning him out.

Worse, of course, is his attitude, like the one he displayed against Donald Trump last week. It serves only to discredit him, and that detracts to his message. Understand?

See, in his own way, Mr. Beck undermines our message exposing Statists exactly like Terry Jones undermines our outrage at Islamists who used Mr. Jones as the next excuse for their current week-long instigated mayhem akin to Orwell’s two-minutes hate.

With an alarming unattractive and poor spoken pastor like Mr. Jones, WHO doesn’t know they’ll be compared to him for getting angry at the dozens of people murdered? With Mr. Beck acting like an ass, who wants to be seen repeating the important news that he reports?

It is my conjecture from observation that Mr. Beck’s behavior could be no worse were he paying his “dues” for membership in the club of broadcasters (it fits this former rodeo clown who is used to taking his hits), or were he making his bones* for gangsters who have been cultivating dhimmitude worldwide. You know -- like DAMNED SKUNC Lindsay Graham did today.

Mr. Beck made Mr. Jones the object and not the overreacting imams and THEIR excesses, nor did he make a joke of the sniveling dhimmis that pass for leaders in the West. Did Mr. Beck play his part today? Did he do his bit to keep his bona fides with the powers that be? Was his stupid, repetitive, unfunny mockery of Mr. Jones his bit at running himself down? Is he the paid clown to discredit all the good info about many stinking stories simply to discredit that news when you wish to pass it on to friends and relatives? Remember -- Statism is defined as the complete control of all aspects of living. It organizes its own opposition and works to discredit any who have good cause to oppose the overreaching state.

Well, Mr. Beck is not the first on the Right we have learned to distrust like David Brooks or Peggy Noonan. His numbers are down — so maybe he’s desperate like those other two.

My personal opinion is that bloggers are far and away more trustworthy. Until they get paid or we find out they have been on some deep-pocket payroll — then watch out.

*If you think this metaphor is too extreme or too subtle, please click clarify below. If you don't know what "making his bones" implies in this context, try this.

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