Tuesday, April 05, 2011


This is what it looks like men.

Especially at the end of part 2 where Ann Barnhardt broadcasts her address and phone number.

This is the exact opposite of Polictically Cowed, and so I approve. But it is not leadership with a plan, it is “I don’t give a damn, come and get me,” much like the last stand at the Alamo.

In many ways she was baited into this display. Dhimmi SKUNCs like Lindsay Graham goaded her to show him how she thinks he should act. And his words suggest that she’ll be the subject of Fed sub-rosa intimidation (since they lack the law to sanction her with). So in that sense at least Ms. Barnhardt is riding point and showing the way. In the coming days this lady will need support, and leaders with a plan need to line up and move into the territory into which she has intruded with her video.

With Ms Barnhardt we are not seeing the unattractive, inarticulate Pastor Jones with whom most of us do wish not to be associated. As she says, when Christians are offended by the desecration of their symbols, they pray that the desecrators be rid of the demons that possessed them to do it, and most of all, they aren’t demagogued by their leaders to go on violent rampages as Mr. Karzai has done. Mr. Karzai is our alleged ally, but Lindsay Graham chooses to single out American citizens and threaten American rights. That is no leader, that is a SKUNC.

Ms Barnhardt has manned up and gone in on point. I pray for her and our new leaders who (from all appearance not currently at the top) will arise from the lower ranks when it comes time to defend her.

Joan of Argghh! adds:

If education be the foundation of leadership, she has certainly schooled our would-be leaders. I don’t think she aspires to leadership. She makes it clear she aspires to the defense and protection of those she loves.

But leading by example counts for quite a bit.
Absolutely Joan. It seems she draws much inspiration from our men who fought WW II -- many filled with a spiritual fire that was essential (but rarely credited) to our win. She is demonstrating how Americans once regularly got pissed off. We see less of it now because the Cultural Marxists have long been incrementally undermining us with their termite-like invasion of all of our important institutions. It is much harder to be courageous when even too many religious leaders -- as she suggests -- have turned Quisling for the other side and have actively aided in the dismantling of every traditional moral value in sight. And of course there's the revolting PC crowd. Here's my latest retort "I'm not PC? Politically COWED you mean. Where'd these "leaders" gain the right to think themselves shepherds to all you cattle? For that is how they're looking down on you -- liked steers with no ownership of your own life." (I can hardly wait to see the fear in the eyes of our "lord and masters" when they discover there are many more bulls than they believed was yet possible.

On a cautionary note, I reiterate that I can’t shake the feeling that she and we have been baited by Lindsay Graham and all of the Agency of Lies, and too many in talk radio.

She marked herself as a target not just by jihadis, which is ballsy enough. But at least they’d attack her out in the open even if they choose to sneak up on her. It’s the cowards in our PC loving rulers against whom it is harder for us to protect her.

They would come like Lilliputians because they lack direct law to back them, and they’re too cowardly to do much else. They’ll attack her for violations of little laws, the number of which could well be staggering. This is why we INSTINCTIVELY are for small government, because we know the imps can’t pile it on then.

Our new leaders need to know how to effectively counter those intimidations and Lilliputian snares. For example, how do they keep gangsta government from tying up her bank account due to fines they decide to hit her with? So many ramparts to protect, so few recognizing that how much we need someone trustworthy to lead on the planning out the defenses.

And never forget this fundamental fact about our foes. Statism is defined as the complete control of all aspects of living. It organizes its own opposition and works to discredit any who have good cause to oppose the overreaching state. In the days to come Miss Barnhardt will need defenders. Be prepared. 

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