Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life's Frustrations

Og cried out "idiots everywhere I look."

He's hardly alone. Worse, there are days I figure I'm the idiot for being quiet about it.

So in an effort to reduce the idiocy I attempt to drop a helpful hint in hopes that the man so encumbered will catch on and fix the cause of his troubles himself.

But there's a hitch. Most idiots can't endure even a vague inference they aren't smart enough to solve the problem themselves. So even solicited advice that goes against their druthers may abrade them. They would rather go on beating their heads against the wall. They not only ignore your hint, they go on imagining that it wouldn't help or do them worse. No good deed goes unpunished sort of retribution is apt to follow. I know of more than a few who -- never making news -- will count his blessings and continue to help his fellow man despite bearing the insults he receives in place of the gratitude he deserves.

I think I may have written about the "the idiot plot" before*, but I will again in brief just in case some do not know what  is. [*Update: A reader had to remind me I did write about it. It's a blessing to have friends as one gets older!]

The idiot plot was prevalent in lower than grade B movies and TV shows of the 50s. It's a plot that relies on a device wherein all characters do not ask the simplest of questions that would end all the confusion. The long running sitcom I Love Lucy frequently used a funny version of this plot device, mocking in its way the plots used in many film dramas.

I've walked out on more than one movie in my days because the only plot was an idiot one.

But how do you walk out on life itself? When the Dems lie and the GOP refuses to call them on it because it's not a good thing for staid Republicans to "descend to that level." WTF? And so the idiots continue to enslave our posterity with the programs that will feed the operators of the system far more handsomely than any "needy" group they claim their programs target all at the expense of the middle class and real human progress.  And the idiot plot continues on all because the party that is supposed to stand for the principles of the middle class are outright sellouts and will never tell their adversaries what needs to be said. (Gee Pascal, how can you believe that partisan bickering is all a charade so that the parties can share power between them?)

And then the really rotten part of what is happening to American life ought to occur to you! It's something that those who are supposed to be our religious leaders (but claim they can't lest they lose their tax exemptions) seem never to point out.
When this real world idiot plot never ends you gain an inkling as to what Hell has in store for you. And you whom help keep tyranny growing deserve it too.

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