Friday, April 08, 2011

An Image to Tickle Your Psyche

Assume that many of Obama's acolytes believe he might be foreign born, but that is okay with them.

Well, they surely will denounce the copy of the alleged Kenyan birth certificate below as a fraud. And it might very well be a fraud.

But the next one may be legitimate.

So they worry. Oh how they worry. And they can't admit it, right?
Okay, now here's the image I've been chuckling over. It is one that I've verbalized in order to share it with you.

Wouldn't it be delightful to have hidden cameras on every beach Obama visits from now on just to take note of how diligently his entourage obliterates his footprints?

The above did not strike me as all that humorous at first. However, each time I thought about it, it was as if Obama had gone on yet another vacation. Somehow each subsequent vacation was becoming a bit more troubling for him than was his previous ones. I'm not sure what to call such a belabored spectacle, but there is something righteously laughable about it.

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