Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Malware Designed for the Heart

Guest commentary by Cond0010

In an effort to aid Pascal in his seeking to adequately nail down the "new" morality of those filled with animus toward the Judeo-Christian moral code, I'm adding my thoughts.

If you look at a people's culture/religion as an Operating System for the mind/soul to reside in and function, I would think that the new 'morality' is Malware.

Short-sighted. Unfounded. UNgrounded. Its the road to a shallow and dysfunctional anarchical society. Smash and Grab from those who work and redistribute to those who need (All mouth and no muscle -- an infantilzed society). Don't get me wrong, babies are cute and cuddly, but not as infantilized adults. We are raising a country of Baby Hueys.

Pascal notes:
UNgrounded is the aim of the cultural Marxists. It's hard to be courageous and stand your ground when the jokers have been hollowing out every underpinning in sight.

The new morality has been designed so that the people will worship men who'll promise to provide them more stability. Hence, the undermining of American culture I've witnessed all of my long life. It's a code that permits lies and hides costs, but "all for the greater good." It needs to be exposed so that men can make a clear and certain traditionally moral decision based upon their long obscured and waylaid, but often still present, God-implanted conscience.

The malware to which you refer is a good name for what C.S. Lewis wrote of in "Men Without Chests." There he reported on how our teaching colleges before WW II were indoctrinating new teachers. Teachers were to not permit the past -- with its lessons that came at terrible costs -- to influence the student's view of the future. The aim was to mold students to have an "open mind." This is why the "best" liberals never hear what you have to say about the lessons of the past. They've been inculcated to ignore it all lest they be seen as lacking that open mind their favorite teachers so treasured.

You and I may have been educated in different sorts of institutions, but the teachers for all institutions were affected by the same malware before they were sent out to teach.

That malware was needed so that the things like the new morality would appear acceptable without much complaint. Once present, anti-human, conscience overwriting ideas were more easily accepted by many of us. 

From my perspective, the destruction of the non-criminal individual's normal "live and let live" reflex was and is its purpose. It is to be replaced by something quite foreign to America. Our American skills have been harnessed to produce a machine run by a few ruthless men to rule the world. It remains hard to imagine how sophisticated such an evil plan and goal had to be -- now multi-generational -- from the start, but it clearly has been.
Yes. The new morality is parasitical off the old Morality.

Its purpose really is deconstruction of the old model so that the new model can take its place.

To take God out of the societal morality erodes and undermines the sanctity of the individual human being whereby we would merely be a human resource -- robotic meat to do the bidding for the masters until its function is no longer required.

Its conclusions are ominous -- especially with the progressives goals and attitudes towards 'the human animal'.

This chilling video is really not that far from the truth:

(I know, you've seen this before, but its worth repeating considering the fact we are talking about Moral Malware)

The feral happiness enacted by the progressive characters in this video encapsulates teh future attitudes of the Progressive Left towards those who do not think their way. What's even more horrifying is that there are those on the left who think this video is funny. This is a perfect example of those who have completely lost their Judeo-Christian ethic on human life. True Christians/Jews would be horrified of this -- even for their enemies.

Whats the logical conclusion if this moral malware takes hold firmly in Western Civilization? Well... There are a few agendas that are on the docket:

  • The New World order where a small elite of the world will govern everyone.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced drastically because of Global Warming
  • Eating meat is murder, causes global warming, is bad for your health etc...
  • Obesity is bad and should be regulated out of existence.
  • Smoking cigarettes is bad and should be regulated out of existence.
  • Health care is universal and a panel decides your worthiness to society and the amount that you are repaired.
  • A woman has a right to abort the parasitical infestation that grows in her womb.
  • blah, blah, blah...
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • The World is over populated by Humans.

Simple disposal of excess protoplasm walking around should be rather easy once they get that whole uncomfortable 'God issue' out of the way with the upside of resolving the above said agendas rather easily.

Considering the convenience of the new morality and that being human is an evil thing, people ought to happily go to the disintegration chambers. If they don't like it they are being selfish and evil -- thus any disturbing issues of conscience for the Disposal Engineers are nullified and so they can happily go about their business, too.

Meet the new disposable future where we preserve teh world and dispose of the excess people (especially the 'undesirable' ones): A cross between Logans Run, the Stepford Wives and Avatar.

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