Friday, April 15, 2011

Too Many

The following is the gist of a short conversation with a pleasant young man of my acquaintance.

Me: "I really hate to inform you of this, but the odds are against my being permitted to live as long as my parents, and the odds are against you being permitted to live as long as me."

He: "Why is that?"

Me: "How many people are on Earth?"

He: "Too many."

Me: "That's the reason. Too many believe there are too many."

There was more to this conversation both before and after. But this portion reveals the insidious problem I've long fought.

Those retaining considerable allegiance to traditional morality and wish to fight to defend it will need to understand the "new" morality inculcated in the army of our foes. As my confidants know, I've been working on it for quite some time. My aim is to write it as clear and concise as I have done anything. I sense a well written statement of the "new" morality of our foes will significantly fulfill half of Sun Tzu's advise.
"Know your enemy" before going into battle.


  1. Just his knee jerk response of "too many" was an indicator of the problem, as you suggest. How do you counter that?

  2. I went on to say

    Me: Do you have any idea who it is who will decide on who is not among the too many?

    He: [Shrugs] Money. [rolling his index finger against his thumb repeatedly]

    Me: And what if they make your money worthless or otherwise steal it from you?

    He: [Deer in the headlights stare]


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