Thursday, April 21, 2011

DOJ to Whitewash Obama Fuel Price Targets with Scapegoats

White House fraudulence continues.
Obama says new task force will examine gas prices

RENO, Nev. – President Barack Obama announced Thursday that the Justice Department is assembling a team to "root out any cases of fraud or manipulation" in oil markets that might be contributing to $4 a gallon-plus gasoline prices.

Bummer is counting on the Agency of Lies to not remind his audience that he campaigned on raising gas prices, and that it has been his policy to raise gas prices using every agency in government from the EPA to Justice. The SOB is seeking scapegoats in order to take the heat off of him.

It will be up to the blogs to do the reminding, as I do not expect the talkshow hosts will hound him with a uniform voice on this. They might, and I surely love to be surprised, but it's really left up to the blogs and the individuals who read the blogs to remind their neighbors.

You are paying over $4 per gallon for gasoline because raising gas prices has been Obama's goal from the start, having even campaigned on doing that. He knows you don't like it. So now recognize that he's just declared that he will be using the Justice Department like it is the Gestapo in order to take the heat off of his own economy destroying policy.

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