Thursday, April 28, 2011

Must You Fiddle While America Burns?

Are Americans behaving like the postmodern equivalent of Nero? More and more attention is being paid to defending the principle known as presidential eligibility while the alleged fraud is perpetrating much larger frauds.

While we fiddle over the latest version of this old red herring and do battle with all the usual suspects who defend it, Bummer is daily making a mockery of every other constitutional limit on government authority.

Here is a partial list of excesses, ones that this old man could think of this morning, that Bummer continues to skate on.
  • ObamaCare’s on-going implementation 
  • Friends of Obama openly getting tax and regulation breaks
  • Seeming out of control EPA killing industries and raising fuel prices
  • Strong-arm breaking of contracts to favor unions (e.g., GM’s take-over)
  • Undeclared acts of wars (Libya) without any Congressional review
  • Continuing to pay Czars despite law (Bummer signed) declaring it illegal.
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To help you add to this list, here's a new article at American Thinker: Obama's Real Strategy.

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  1. Until (or "if", for those who are more optimistic) we remove most (being something of a realist) of the corruption from both Houses, and prune most of the bureaucracy from our federal teat, then float all of what you've listed above (along with a few other things) past SCOTUS for a constitutionality test .... we might have a chance in hell of getting our national house in order.

    The birther issue is a non-starter. They (SCOTUS) refuses to address the nbc issue, which is the heart of the matter, (And not restricted to Obama btw) as far as his eligibly goes.

    And ... well you have the idea. This is all a house of cards which has stayed together much longer then one would have thought possible.

    I have not lost hope in the ideals which made this nation and its people great, nor in the large chunk of folks out there who still believe in same. But I have all but lost any hope of keeping this country either in one piece, or in it being anything close to what it was 50-60 years ago.

    There are big changes coming, and depending on how we react they may not all be good ones.


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