Monday, April 18, 2011

Abetting Evil

Silence is agreement.

I know I cannot be the only man of average intelligence who noticed the key historical deletion in the history channel show yesterday. But I don't hear anyone else calling it out.

I found one more reference (other than the one in yesterday's post) to the historical event of the NAZIs walking out of the German Parliament in 1932-33 to prevent a quorum.  "Little Acorn" -- an anonymous commenter on a few sites to which I need to subscribe in order to converse with him. For what? To commiserate?

Look America. Your media will continue to get away with lies -- and continue to get worse and make it easier for tyranny to destroy this last standing republic --  unless more Americans start to call the media out for having become the single most untrustworthy institution in the country.

Your posterity is already going to have to pay big time for your somnolence. For being "nice" in the awful sense that Ann Barnhardt explains in her video from last year.

I must admit that this old memory of mine is not perfect. I do not know if it was an earlier History Channel showing of this show, or an entirely different one it showed earlier, or even if it was from another documentary or dramatic movie that I saw several years ago. What I do know is that what the Dems did in Wisconsin earlier this year, and what they did in Texas several years ago -- walk out in order to prevent business to be carried on as was their duty -- was a characteristic of the NAZIs as portrayed.

And THIS version of history that the History Channel aired yesterday deliberately left out that footage and the exposure of that tactic.

And even "conservative" talkshow hosts don't mention this. Who passed "Godwin's Law" and made it mandatory to exclude or ridicule any commenter who LEGITIMATELY calls out where any political party is behaving like the NAZIs did a little over 80 years ago in order to force event to allow themselves to gain total control?

To you theiving talkshow hosts who read sites like this and borrow some our insights without crediting us.
You talkshow hosts who invoke Godwin's Law I do not trust and neither should any other American. You are preventing complete comparisons. In many instances it may be truly inappropriate. But in this historical instance, it's fully functional you damn morons. Your Political Correctness Cowering is helping the Statists condition every American into silencing themselves. Are you Quislings too?

It would not take very long for this story to blow up in the faces of the Left, and their craven Statists masters, if more conservative Americans who despise the MSM (the Agency of Lies) were to check out the historical record and compare it to the stated goals of yesterday's show "how millions of people were so vulnerable to fascism."

Continuing to stay silent on altered or hidden or deleted events such as this is abetting evil. 

You can continue to call yourselves conservatives if you wish. But the Father of Conservativism, Edmund Burke, had this to say to you

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
Are you conservatives, or are you really only cowards?

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