Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Angry, Unhinged Left

Projection, you have found a home (probably padded) with the "Progressives" Incremental-cases.

Here we have Richard Cohen, writing today in the Washington post: "The Tea Party, united only by anger and the Internet."

And if you find his title not biased enough for your taste, he goes on right from the start describing the Tea Party not as merely opponents, but something more:

The Tea Party has no leader. It has no address, no phone and no Washington headquarters. It is everywhere and nowhere. For Barack Obama, the Tea Party is the quintessential asymmetrical enemy, much like the Taliban in Afghanistan

Calm and reasoned commentary like that from a mainstream newspaper. Wow! One can only wonder what they sound like amongst themselves, right?

I've got to go. I'll add more later, so come back to see it. Wanna know where this tool found the nerve to go from Democrat lap-dog to attack mongrel, see part 2.

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  1. That's rubbish comparison even on the group comparison level. The Taliban is hierarchical while the Tea Party is not.

  2. Of course, he's right. Like the Taliban the Tea Party is a grass roots movement that cannot be fought and cannot be defeated.

    Obama can give up now, resign, and live out his life in ignominy in France;
    hope that the Tea Party impeaches him and spend his life in jail;
    or corruptly steal the election - avoid impeachment, and end up strung up from the lamppost by the Tea Party

    All up to him really. My advice: Get Air Marine One to fly him to Montreal immediately.

  3. Awful lot of invitations to Fort Sumter flying around these days, aren't there?

  4. Where is P.G.T. Beauregard when you need him? The tizzy that the left have worked themselves into over the TEA party has nothing to do with the people, but the threat to their power that they represent. God help Washington D.C. if they overturn an election. The Federal government is sitting on a powder keg and anything less than honorable conduct could very well light the fuse.

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