Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Magic Button

Let me remind you of the new symbol of repression introduced by the envirofascists.
10-10's Magic Button for Eliminating Dissenters
The film's creators had authority figures use that button to blow up dissenters. Cheerfully. Smiling faces dispatching death without warning.

And of all the cheerful, smiling faces in authority, the teacher was the most despicable and evil. 

Think about how you felt about her before she pushed the magic button. You like her. She was pretty and sparkling and lovable; precisely the type you'd wish was teaching your kids (even allowing for her seeming gullible acceptance of AGW). 

And then she betrayed you in the most horrible way you could imagine. This was a monster in disguise. A wielder of a deadly weapon displaying smug pleasure in exerting total power with calm dispatch. Killing innocent children in a manner guaranteeing that their blood splatters on their classmates, and thereby assuredly intimidating the remnant who are trembling in horror. 

And if that is not bad enough, there is something even more sinister that was revealed by this unexpected horror-show. The Left and Statist shills think we should think this is funny! They are so sick they do not even recognize how sick!

Whether it was the teacher or the boss or the coach, or the film's director, each preceded his pushing the button with the words "No Pressure -- your choice." Clearly each of the actors were instructed to display authoritarian resignation to what they were about to do. They conveyed the notion "then you deserve what's coming." 

And ever since this atrocity was released, the brazen creeps who are trying to shove carbon taxes up all our orifices have their apparatchiks writing propaganda aimed at convincing fools that they are only joking. Don't believe them. Also try to open the eyes of the ever-growing number of indoctrinated proles. I see it as our wannabe ruling class simultaneously bragging and issuing threats.

My fellow lovers of liberty, it is up to each of us to reach all we can touch with the truth.

What exactly does the magic button represent?
  1. Eligibility to government doled healthcare could be denied those who dissent.
  2. Jobs access or promotion or avoiding layoff or getting representation could be denied to those who dissent.

That's just for starters. I must thank Gates of Vienna for both ideas. The first was in a story they ran a few years ago. I've written the Baron and Dymphna for a link to it. The second was suggested by an item in their news feed on September 29.

You know what I've been warning now for years.
The radical environmentals believe that the earth's population needs to be reduced to half a billion people. That's twelve out of every thirteen people targeted for elimination. Liken it to the self-assessed aces of society wanting to remove all other cards from the deck. What these fools fail to recognize is that they are not aces in any stretch of the imagination, requiring help to tie their own shoe laces. No, think of them as deuces gone wild. 

Unless you are among the God haters, you do not stand a chance of being among the survivors. And even then, you better kiss the butts of your overlords every day. Because in a world without the fear of the Judeo-Christian God to restrain their actions, they expect you to act like they are your gods, so help you.


  1. That was easy! See, they just stole the ad campaign from Staples.

  2. Heh. Nice one, og. It's an attitude as old as human nature itself.

    I submit in evidence Exhibit A: Pilate, Pontius, one each.

  3. I'm talking about the button, not the attitude.


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