Tuesday, October 12, 2010

AGW: Fundamentally Antihuman

My title is a more concise wording of what Mark Steyn was recorded as saying when he substituted for Rush Limbaugh in early September. For Mark Steyn it's not new. He said it while back in his book America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It. 

Courtesy of (of all things) Media Matters.

Media matters provided this because they know when they're throwing their fans red meat.

Media Matters was overjoyed to use "Environmentalism" in their headline. It was tailor-made to provoke the desired reaction in most of their soft-headed readers.

But what can we do about it? How can we get them to comprehend what a racket professional "environmentalism" has become?

The comments are filled with mocking Steyn as if he is in favor of polluted air and water. And those are the polite ones. I'm pretty sure had Steyn used the term AGW instead of environmentalism, the difference would have only appeared in the headline and not the response of the readers.

The biggest fools there seem ready to sacrifice themselves along with everyone else to the carbon taxes that will impoverish and health care schemes that will shorten human life. The typical dupe may think that's swell now, but I have no doubt how he'll react when reality socks him in the solar plexus.

It could happen during a particularly harsh winter and is cheerfully told that his family's meager fuel ration has been "raised" from 100 gallons a month to 40 gallons a month.

Or it occurs after he have been rushed to the hospital and is greeted not by emergency room attendants, but by armed gatekeepers.   Maybe it won't be until he hears the arbitrarily decision to send him to the showers to await further processing with the other unlucky (unconnected) ones will he finally notice that the grim reaper has been in attendance for quite some time.

Maybe never.

If the media were not part of the problem and had been playing fair all these years, they never would have allowed these racketeers get away with using a pleasant sounding name like "environmentalist." A real press would hound them
  • for all their inconsistencies; 
  • for their profound Malthusian pessimism; 
  • for their fear of catastrophe that can be averted with an optimistic leadership; 
  • for their hatred of the Bible because it sees human sacrifice as fundamentally evil.

So all these poor deluded people who've been lied to all of their lives would never for a moment consider the truth of Steyn's Statement. The bottom line for these radical misanthropes is WE WILL REDUCE HUMAN POPULATIONS BY HOOK OR BY CROOK.

Other works of Steyn which cover similar territory. 

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  1. I always feel fortunate to hear Mark Steyn speak.


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