Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stop This Idiot Plot

I am trying to do that, have been struggling to do that, for a very long time.

What's the idiot plot? It is that sequence of actions wherein the audience is thinking, if not screaming, "look in the back seat!" or  "listen to what they're saying -- oh ferchristsakes!"

Ultimately, an idiot plot is where none of the characters in the story ever really communicate with each other. It's the form of plot where a simple phrase "oh, I did that already" would instantly unwind the spring and put an end to the story. The plot would fall apart, and that wouldn't sell tickets, so the producers leave it in.

I woke up shivering this morning, with the memes of the Reichstag Fire, Nero Burning Rome, and Lenin staging something similar at the Winter Palace. And it was Rob Reiner’s thoroughly irresponsible, and I suspect staged words of fright, (as was Alec Baldwin's intimidating "kill Henry Hyde and his family" a dozen years ago) that set it up yesterday in my subconscious mind. Reiner: "My fear is the Tea Party gets a charismatic leader. Because all they're selling is fear and anger, and that is what Hitler sold." The man's bad history is only compounding the bad name associated with celebrities who think that they are somehow more than the morons they are.

Oh, he had help too. The dimwit would not be where he is but for the fact that those who like the damage he does to our culture encourage him. But what about those who (allegedly) are on the Right? I believe Reiner's performance, repeated all day on talk radio, was what brought on my nightmare. Or was it Bill Maher nodding “Duh,uh, duh,uh” in agreement while his audience applauded loudly that did it?
Not good signs.

The answer to this my friends is to try and break down the walls of intolerance that have been erected. If we don't speak to each other with love in our hearts, I guarantee you that you will not like the outcome when this movie gets to its climax.

Like I said at the top, I've been struggling to open up communications, to promote contact between neighbors and even relatives for a very long time, in an effort to put an end to idiot plots. 

Then how can it be that it seems like I am a lone voice crying out into the wilderness?

Go listen and speak with love. And with God's help we'll put an end to this awful and idiotic plot kept in motion by moral idiots. Open up your  hearts and minds, so help me God.

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