Monday, October 04, 2010

Goal In Sight... "Progressives" are telling us what has REALLY been on their minds all along (h/t Katabasis 10:10 - The best response yet):
By the way -- what follows is only 24 seconds long (and so is probably not what you first thought it was).

[NOTE: If you are on my main blog page, there is supposed to be a video below that may not display here. Click the title of this blog-post above to see it. ] 

"The Final Solution"? You betcha.

Regular readers of these blatherings  will recall I've been publishing an on-going analysis as "Progressives" incrementally unmask and reveal their true selves.

Progress-of "Progressives"
Altruistic ==► Casuistic ==► Craven ==► Shameless ==► Brazen ==► Sneer at US ==► Contempt for US ==► The Final Solution

So, there we have it: For sustainability,  the Final Solution.

Of all the stages listed above, for the most part "Progressives" have been craven well in excess of 90 years.
Charming image of the grasping, disingenuous "Progressive"

Oh. Speaking of craven cowards. How exactly does that magic red button work?

I had mused with Og over whether or not we should begin a pool to guess the date the MSM (aka The Ministry of Lies) begins to take notice of the original 10-10 video. And then it hit me!

I know. I know when MSM will officially acknowledge this video.
At 10/10/10 at 10:10 AM

So sorry I was so slow in seeing this. Leaking it to the Internet on 10/01 was to get us used to seeing it by the time it officially airs. Our outrage will be spent by then.

So what IS that magic red button?

“Uh, Mr Pascal, it appears that you and your pascalettes are not eligible for medical intervention.
Zero ZeroCare.
However, you are eligible for one of our going away prizes How you go away is your choice. No pressure.
Watcha gonna do about it Mr. Pascal?”

Do you recall what I observed about the 20th Century?
"Progressives" think of the 200 million deaths at the hands of communist and fascist regimes as merely their pilot program for the 21st Century.



    They've issued an apology of sorts and withdrawn the video from their sight. The internet has a long memory, however.

    As for me, I already know of the eugenic practices so favored by the elite. I wouldn't put this sort of thing (literally) past them.

  2. Pardon the pun, but I'm blown away by that video. Are they that stupid? Or is it so far gone that they can get away with it? Please God, let it be the former.

  3. TBG, I suspect the apology was pure BS. The power mad are not expecting anyone to believe it. They provide a fig leaf, allowing the fearful amongst us to forestall the coming confrontation. The tormentors feel powerful and snicker at the cowards who cling to the fiction in hope.

    Subsequent apologists claimed the video got them free publicity by us dupes who spread it all over the web, and so their display of violence (wink, wink: truthfulness) was worth it.

    This level of commitment has gone well beyond rationalizations like the eugenics of the earlier Incrementals. It's now about raw power: forcing us to submit to authority. They'll even accept tentative submission as demonstrated by most actors in the original video that was released on 10/01.

    You know where submission leads: with the captives praying their captors will tire of the killing or be defeated (by whom?) before their card is punched as happened with inmate trustees in the NAZI death camps.

  4. Ed, There are those who are that stupid, but they are not the ones with the real power. Plato's shadows on the wall still applies, as the real power has been schooled well to avoid the limelight.

    A long time reader such as you knows how I've chronicled how "Progressives" have grown to be brazen and worse. Today they took it another step.

    Sure, telling us about their goals would be stupid -- if we knew their identity.

    Some one who is denied rightful access will lash out at underlings such as the gate-keepers at healthcare providers, and the storm-troopers will be unleashed. The aim is to give us scattered reasons, and thus little reason to assemble a force. Then they can picked us off one at a time in a crushed if you do or damned if you don't situation.

    IMO, their success depends most on generating fear and distrust of each other is greater than our fear of them. You see them actively fanning this now in MSM. Thus, loving one another is the second most important (resistive to tyranny) thing we can do.

    So pray God provides us wise and skilled leaders, confusion in the enemy camp, and visible love and peacemakers in ours.


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