Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Learn to Live with Them

JWF informs us of great news that demonstrates once again of the superiority of individual drive and ingenuity to bring boons to each and every man and woman on the planet.
Advanced Materials, a small Czech company seated near Prague specialising in nanotechnology, has invented special paints that can clean air from emissions and kill viruses and bacteria, the daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes Tuesday.

RadicalRon, who posted this news, asks
"Once submitted to the EPA for the necessary approval/s, will the bureaucrats get it right, or screw the pooch?"
Great question Ron. What do you want to bet that the usual suspects will seek to stifle this disease preventative advance?
  • First they'll seek to "discover" that some minuscule parts per million is cancerous, then set the legal limit just above where this advance is effective.
  • Or if that takes too long, some group will find that some insect unknown before is in danger of becoming extinct, and thus "we sadly must ban the use of this awful stuff in accordance with international law."
  • Or if that isn't good enough, they will decide that use of the advance is unfair to bacteria. That would lead to "we in our multicultural wisdom decide that you must learn to live with them." 
Maybe the dream of Dr. Strangelove finally will come to fruition. You know, where the "Progressives" Incre-mental-cases (PI) will have saved this advance for themselves. Then when they retire to their bunkers painted with this material, they then can safely spread Ebola over the face of the earth in order to sacrifice six billion people to their god Sus.


  1. Dang, sometimes the stuff you post makes my head and even worse - my heart- hurt.

    Take Care

    Papa Ray

  2. Ray: I certainly hope my mocking of the Sustainability nuts didn't hurt your head too much.

    In the first part of my response to the news, the three stunts I wrote about are borrowed from past maneuvers by the Left to block what would be good for America.

    In the last part, many people react "so what?" that there really are nuts out there who want to get rid of 12 out of 13 people on Earth.

    You may ask "What makes this sort of nuttiness more worrisome than other sorts of nuttiness?"

    1. Where are the elected and opinion leaders openly and actively condemning people who hate other people that much? ***Silence.****
    2. Where is the press shining a light on and ridiculing the large number of human-hating organizations, some of which enjoy tax free status? ****Silence!****

    Their deafening silence suggests agreement. That hurts my heart. It is even worse than these same people making into a Federal case when a single pastor in Florida threatening to burn a Koran, but remain totally silent when Islamic groups threaten to kill large numbers of people because of it. Or remain silent when people are killed under Sharia law in Western democracies and even the USA.


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