Monday, October 04, 2010

Even Atheists Benefit from the Concept of God

As the level of tyranny increases in America, it is the concept of God, invoked in the Declaration of Independence, that guarantees your right to life.

It is the utmost foolishness to let a dogmatic insistence that God cannot be proven to exist prevent you from telling the arising tyrant that he lacks the skills to be the replacement for God that the concept of the Creator represents. Thus the instrument that led to the legitimacy of his civil powers declares that his right to rule is limited to what he can legitimately do. He is not the author of your rights since he is not your Creator.

You are still an atheist, but if you are also bright, you should know when you must allow a simple theistic concept to reign supreme, and you haven't established any religion as a state religion -- including ones that elevate humans to godheads.

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  1. Consider rewriting this post. In particular, the last paragraph.

    To the Atheists.
    You can remain an atheist yet still be amenable to the the concept of the Creator. Use Him as a factor against which you measure leaders. No man is as all-knowing, all-seeing, for all time past, present and future, as is the concept of G-d.

    Accepting that our government is under G-d -- simply the concept without all the clergy and their bureaucracy -- is actually a defense against establishing a religion. It includes preventing a secular religion that seeks to elevate humans to godheads as happened when Augustus abolished the Roman Republic. And as our SSM did (e.g. adding halos to his pictures and declaring he'd turn the ocean tides) when it helped elect Obama.


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