Sunday, October 10, 2010

Downtime Almost Over

I've had to reinstall windows in order to regain use of my computer. I'm not done configuring and update-catching-up, and I've got a terrible cold that is not aided by sitting at the computer installing software and reinstalling hardware.

Meanwhile I've managed to post infrequently, here but more often elsewhere, either for myself or with the help of other agents, over the last 3 weeks. I had not felt like posting this much for a very long time, so maybe lack of access is a good thing.

Then with the release of the 10/10 video on Oct 1, that really lit me up to write heavily. And there I was, hamstrung by my damaged harddrive, my travels, and now this awful cold.

I might feel better were I not appalled at how few are pressuring what passes for our leaders and opinion makers for saying NOTHING about the atrocity of the 10-10 No Pressure video and of the anti-human thinking it reveals.

There are times I feel I'm a lone voice crying out into the wilderness, I swear.

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