Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Incrementals -- part 2

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of feeling the need to put scorn quotes on the word Progressives. "Progressives" are the ultimate anti-human progress force in the world today, and it really isn't right for them to hang onto the moral high ground that is deserved by right to those who truly work to achieve real human progress.

"Progressives" is one way to make the point that they are regressive (as in turning back the clock), repressive (aiming to restrict individual liberty), postmodern ("future" is so passé), misanthropic (6.5 billion people will be reduced to ½ billion by hook or by crook), and the class of people who think they are the only ones smart enough to deserve the power they seek. Society's self-assessed aces.

But the problem with "Progressives" is
  • It doesn't stop them from painting their enemies as "anti" progress rather than anti "progress."
  • After a short while the power of mocking the word they chose to describe themselves loses its sting.
  • "Progressive" news media and other influential institutions constantly use the word Progressive without a hint of their postmodernism being contrary to true progress. 
  • It cedes ownership of the narrative to those we need to defeat.
Back in January I made my first positive effort to stop the hijacking of the word progress by those who make a mockery of the word. I introduced the word Incrementals for the first time.

In retrospect, it seems I was the first to use it in this way. Other words I've coined over the years had multiple authors and so they proliferated. Words like sheeple and republicrats. But it is the self-designated word "Progressive" that still seems to reign supreme when everyone speaks about those who've been scheming for more than a hundred years to incrementally enslave the whole human race.

Today I did a google on the words "incrementals" "progressives." My post on the subject came up as number 1.
About 365 results (0.50 seconds) 
  1. Pascal Fervor: Incrementals

    Jan 18, 2010 ... The Sinister Wingers have chosen “Progressives” for themselves. Let us allow that they are Incrementals. In that they are incremental ...pascalfervor.blogspot.com/2010/01/incrementals.html

Yes I did make a contribution to help defeat the rhetoric of the Incrementals. But I've done a poor  job of selling it. Even worse -- I had forgotten to use it!

For someone who believes that the future leadership that can defeat this anti-human squad of perverts has to come from individuals like myself, I have to admit that I make a horrible example. No, not in my ability to think up variations in tactics. Many know I am good at brainstorming. I simply don't fear making an ass of myself. Brainstorming will fall flat and even look stupid a good deal of the time. But if you fear to float ideas, you'll fear floating good ones that you don't know are good until others react to them. Few people are geniuses until they stumble enough for others to realize the genius.

No, my failure manifested itself in my not acquiring the stamina, guts and drive to keep at it day after day. Real leaders WILL do those things that need to be done and then do even more. I've known real leaders, and even still know a few, so I know what one looks like. I fall short. And no matter what, every day I wake up and still don't feel like leading. I'm sure I am not alone. Most of you reading this probably feel the same way. (Still, some of you has a great opportunity to aid decency. Consider learning what it takes to get the drive and go on and become a leader. The risks are high -- but....)

Back to the campaign at hand. It's really simple, much simpler that the long lead-in above.

I really do think, that with the label Incrementals, I've stumbled on a very good and accurate word to describe the not-very-nice people who relentlessly have been seeking great power by gaining it a little bit of the time.

So I will do three more things to help my friends who happen by here to use the word Incrementals as a replacement for "Progressives" every time you write it. I will give you the formatting for 3 different environments so that you may use the words together.

  • "Progressives" Incrementals
  • <strike>"Progressives"</strike> Incrementals
  • <delete>"Progressives"</delete> Incrementals

Together we who use this rhetorical tactic may begin to break the back of the Incrementals and end their theft of the word progress and its moral high ground. The goal is to reclaim it as our own.

Blogger has blown it's ability to detect links to conservative blogs again, so...

Much thanks to Crusader Rabbit for aiding with this campaign: 

“progressives”? nah, ‘incrementals’

Thanks for going out of your way to help KG!

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