Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lowest Common Denominator Serves Nobody But the Divider

Divide and Conquer is as old as the hills. America with her melting pot, however imperfect, was a metaphor worthy of a republic conceived with liberty as its most pure goal for humanity.

In more recent times, the power-mad claim their seeking of power is to provide the rest of us with utopia. We, as we go about making a living, have permitted professionals (as in the oldest profession) to run our government. And we have allowed these charlatans to incrementally introduce one divisive program after another. Of all the programs, maybe the worst of these is muliticulturalism, because its deleterious effects appears to have been its goal: to Balkanize the West, and the West's most powerful beacon of liberty, America. Paraphrasing Michael Savage's oft repeated phrase, in but a few short years the "Progressives" have actively been turning America's Melting Pot into a chamber pot. Our rulers have been eradicating our e pluribus unum culture to all but a faint memory, and have been actively dividing us. Why?

Alexis DeTocqueville warned us in Democracy in America, book iii, chapter iv

a despot easily forgives his subjects for not loving him, provided they do not love each other.

Boy, have they been providing those divisions in spades and hearts and minds and souls.

It is clear to me -- and I wish someone with more skill than I with words would find a way to make it clear to everyone else -- that the secret of utopians is that the pursuit of utopia puts in power those who hate people. They make everyone but themselves equally miserable (and it is therefor a good thing in their self-centered moral universe!) by pursuing that fraudulent invention they named "social justice." By taking from the productive and giving to those who've been deliberately made dependent, they increase their power by enslaving everybody else.

Why is this not common knowledge? Place the blame with those who control our educational and informational institutions. And you conservatives who want to solely blame the democrats: you'd have to ignore the fact that the earliest "Progressives" were Republicans. When the GOP leadership compromises with the radicalized Dems, they are not behaving as the opposition to tyranny, but as its allies.

We. need. new. leaders.

New leadership has to start with YOU.


  1. I prefer better representatives, not leaders. If I wanted to play follow-the-leader I'd join a cult.

  2. Unfortunately, the AOL makes it appear that our representatives ARE leaders of one or more movements due to the ideas they introduce in whatever office to which they've been elected. Why? It is far easier to fight people than ideas.

    My point is "Do not be afraid of becoming a leader where I see a vacancy."

    For myself, it have been a leader in breaking the silence about those who seek the death of billions of people. I began over 20 years ago and saw I had little influence until recently. Too late? I pray not.


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