Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Statists Lacking Human Decency

Continues. Yet liberals still believe that government wears a smiley face.

How can bleeding-hearted liberals stand it? Yesterday it was the courts giving to criminals seasonal licenses to prey on innocent restaurant and hotel owners. Today it's ham-handed agents of the "liberal" government who break down doors and terrorize children over a student loan default as shown by this outrage picked up by JWF: Police State: Department of Education Calls in SWAT Team Over Defaulted Loans.

What's worse?
  1. That the agents broke down the wrong door? 
  2. Or that they would use Gestapo tactics over a debt?

Let your  liberal friends know how their great idea -- the Department of Education -- appears to be run by agents with the sort of morality you would expect from your less patient loan sharks. The loan shark may break down your door to harass you over a debt, but he doesn't do it hiding behind a badge.

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