Monday, June 20, 2011

Bourgeoisie = Middle Class

I'm posting this as a public service because I just found out how many of the younger set do not know that the bourgeoisie is French for the middle class.

Now, when you say this you will be given a heated discussion by some. Especially due to the Leftist leaning editors at Wikipedia who've done their best to equivocate on what the word means. Here is the entry on 6/20/2011, and notice the "citation needed" for their Leftist aligned definition. I'm sure it will be be manufactured should they feel it really needed to try and sustain their deceit.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In sociology and political science, bourgeoisie (adjective: bourgeois) (pronounced: boo-shwa-zee) describes a range of groups across history. In the Western world, between the late 18th century and the present day, the bourgeoisie is a social class "characterized by their ownership of capital and their related culture."[citation needed] A member of the bourgeoisie is a bourgeois or capitalist (plural: bourgeois; capitalists).

However, even Wikipedia still has the truth buried lower down in its etymology of the word (the emphasis and strike-out is mine),
The word also evolved to mean merchants and traders, and until the 19th century [pre-Marx] was mostly synonymous with the middle class (persons in the broad socioeconomic spectrum between nobility and peasants or proletarians).
The burying of this important fact is an open admission that Wiki editors have deliberately limited the meaning of bourgeois to the lie which the Marxists and Statists want the public to think it means. 

The Marxist wants the term understood only one way, and is deceptive as shown. This is because he wants the listener to be envious and think the Marxist's target is the already wealthy. That is so he can use that envy to divide members of the middle class against itself. The ages old divide and conquer tactic is clearly in evidence here.

The intent of the Marxists all along has been to aid their elite clients to eliminate the middle class so that hoi polloi are prevented from rising and able to sit next to them. In the Soviet Union, the members of the party and the upper echelon in particular, lived better and removed from the enslaved.

Marxists always hated the middle class due to the fact that its industrious nature provided it some independence from bosses, the ultimate boss being the tyrannical state. Tyranny is the true aim of Marxism as revealed by every nation that had the misfortune to let the Marxists gain the upper hand. That's because claiming utopian ends provides cover for the power-mad gaining the means to enslave whatever population falls for their lies. It is why all who fight the Left will tell you they are known for their lies. The worst of these liars are the Statists who hide amongst conservatives (some call them RINOs, we here call them SKUNCs and DAMNED SKUNCs) and force the right arm of the political movement to compromise with their more open devils. It's a political vise.

The Vise comes in many forms; here's two.
  1. Criminal activity: Using criminals and criminality against population is how Statist law operates -- as a vise against innocents. The criminal preys on the victim, and then the state punishes the victim for defending himself. 
  2. Political activity: The Left wing makes demands, and the Right wing is forced to compromise due to the Leftist moles in its own ranks. The ever enlargening state creates more people dependent upon their services and increases taxes and regulations so as to destroy the ability of the middle class to operate, forcing its members (or tries to do so) into the same sort of slave state as the other dependents, some of which come from a generation of slackers. We on the right often refer to these minions of the Statists as vampires and zombies.

In order to disguise this fact of this warfare on the middle class, Marx always used the words bourgeois and bourgeoisie instead of the middle class. Thus it is supremely consistent then programs of Leftists and the Statists will actively seek to destroy the working man's seeking a life under his own control. Their guile is exceeded only with the help of "leaders" who refuse to say the efforts of the Left and Statists are deliberately evil and not simple an "oops."  The tyrants lie and the right talkers keep refusing to call them evil (the alleged moralist, Dennis Prager, refuses to call them evil daily, but would hang up on me if I dared challenge him on it).

The Vise our lords and masters been devising and upon which they've begun turning the screws needs to be called out as evil. It began with TARP under Bush, and it has ramped up with the various kleptocratic schemes passed since under Obama, And now we are to supposed stare in dumb witness the far less than half measured, strictly Marquess of Queensberry rules followed by the GOP congress to roll it back this year? Damned if I'll not keep on this until the middle class, left, right, middle, undeclared, begin all to get the idea of the size of the forces (small) and the immense fraud being perpetrated against the common-man with his middle class wishes to be left unmolested any further already by these thieves of our dollar's value. Just Damn!

Ask someone what they think bourgeois means and then follow through with this additional information I've provided, but -- as much as possible of course -- in your own words.

If we want to turn the misguided who've become the shock troops of the Left and Statist wings of The Vise against the vise screw turners, educate them to the truth of what bourgeois actually means.

It's an eye-opening start.

Below the break are examples of Leftists dripping with contempt for the middle class.

Academics in late 90s were mocking as comically ironic those on the treadmill aiming to improve their lives.Yes, members of the middle class can let their egos obscure their intended goals. But this is no more than one arm of the Left reporting back to another arm (cultural Marxists) how they'd succeeded in turning those bourgeois against the religious practices which warned them that not taking one day off out of seven is detrimental to the ultimate middle class goal of not being another man's slave.

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