Friday, June 24, 2011

My Position on Fox News Channel

The only reason for granting that FNC has any credibility is because they simply are that much better than anything else.

But I view them much as I do the fertilizer I need to feed my garden vegetables. Composted manure is easier to handle than the raw stuff, but I still need cultivate all living things that grow in its environment, and then wash off  them off thoroughly before I allow them at my table.

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  1. Fox is not perfect. Hell, they have almost daily concerns about accuracy, let alone nearing perfection. And as someone once mentioned (it may have been you, Og, or some other voice on the web) their "fair and balanced" tag is really annoying. I don't want "fair and balanced" from anybody. I want the facts presented to me in a straight forward, undramatic, fashion, so I can, as a reasonably intelligent, thinking adult, decide what to do next, or how to react to same, on my own.

    You get me any news source which will do that on at least a semi-consistant basis (the old "Christian Science Monitor" used to be excellent at doing just that.), and I will be a very happy camper.


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