Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Restrain Your Inclination to Dehumanize Opponents

I have shown that our enemies have a tendency to be doing that to themselves anyway. Better that they do it without my help.

I had seen some commentary about how the Left needed to throw Anthony Weiner to the wolves in order for the Democratic Party to move on. Who's to know if the Dems didn't have another reason to throw him out? His allegedly strong support for Israel runs in opposition to the current thrust of the Dems and the White House. I guess if his congressional seat disappears in NY's 2 seat reduction currently under reapportionment -- Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has that as an option -- and the pro-Israel voters are divided (is that possible even to do in NYC?), then maybe that's true.

But that's not my point today. My point is that in referring to our adversaries as animals is probably saying as much about us as them. I've been guilty of it from time to time and I hope not too much. Today I think it unwise for the most part. If I have overdone it in the past, I regret it.

The Dems did it with Weiner, apparently wishing to convey that it was Republicans who wanted Weiner gone. They never want to take blame for tough decisions, and love to project on to us. And so they referred to the Right when they said Weiner needed to be thrown to the wolves. It could never be Leftist wolves. Oh, no! This reflects in their slogan going back at least to Lenin "no enemies on the Left." Ironically they also implied Republicans do that too, as this Alberto Gonzales / GWBush cartoon demonstrates.
So, here's my thought for the day.

There really are no wolves; only men with questionable or even evil intents. Even using the metaphor is a slander to wolves, hence it's worse. I think it best for our side to not join their side in dehumanizing our opponent.  
Men become monsters not because I say so, but because they want to be.
I don't know about you, but I find it far more meaningful and accurate in expressing the grim reality that we are facing when I demonstrate how the Left and Statists are seeking to become megalomaniacs that exceed those of the last century.

And it is also far more threatening than my depicting them as any animals or mythical creatures that I could imagine.


  1. Prezactly. Let them dehumanize themselves; they do a much better job than we ever could.

  2. They dehumanize their target for the benefit of the Beta's: gets them into the mob mentality feeding frenzy.

    When the dust clears, the Beta's have been fed and their target has been eliminated.


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