Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Social Contract? On Whom?

I read Saturday's offering by Townhall columnist Doug Giles, Urban Beach Week Destroys South Beach … Again, and let it pass. Yes, it is pretty bad that honest business owners can be compelled by legal rulings and government agents to endure the dangers and costs of societal breakdown or pay large fines and be subject to civil court shakedowns. How is this not a vise with criminals on one side and the law on the other?

I thought back then: "Surely, given a chance, our better angels will work this out, no?" In other words, the horror of the circumstances facing the business owners and residents of Miami's South Beach struck me, but not quite that hard yet.

That was before I read Summertime | By: Ol' Remus which contains a more extensive roundup of many, many, similar outrages. (H/T Wabbit)

That was when it all coalesced down to only a few questions each of you should ponder.
  • What would a criminal shake-down racket look like in which government players were an essential element?
  • The Social Contract? On whom?
  • When looking into this, what would be the average life expectancy for members of an indicting grand jury?

A variety of allied forces claiming to be on the side of the angels, advocating and then administering under the auspices of adjudicated law, have provided a seasonal license for criminals to wreak havoc!

Justice or injustice?
If unjust, to whom do the preyed upon appeal for relief?

Now ask these questions of just a few friends and relatives.  Help them to understand. Then convince them to ask a few more friends and relatives.

Reform has to start with you down here at the heart-felt levels.

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