Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Deliberate!

I can hardly stand surfing the bigger blogs that are dependent on revenue. But they are still sources of information that the AOL ignores, buries, or distorts. It's their cowardly editorial policies. It's not prudent to sound alarms whilst tyranny is plumping.

At Neanderpundit, I was maybe a bit harsh with the first commenter for missing the meaning of Og's brilliant metaphor for our economy, the broken down racing hybrid blocking access to refueling and repairs of every viable contender, and instead concluding that "he [Obama] and those around him are in waaaayyyy over their heads."

No, no, no. Not good enough in the small blogs and their comments. How many aphorisms and such apply to what our rulers are doing to America?
"...thrice, it's enemy action."
"You pee in my ear and expect me to believe it's only rain?"
"______ [Your favorite here] ______."
Our rulers are destroying America and it is no accident. It's as planned. And how is it that we remain divided? Because Pravda and Izvestia are reborn in the USA and following the Josef Goebbals blueprint. The mainstream media long ago lost its independence of those seeking power, and is now their agency of propaganda.The radio talkshow hosts are all at the mercy of the FCC who issues their licenses, so to stay viable they are self-limiting. The bigger blogs need revenue to survive and know full well that stating truths the powerful don't like has had repercussions.

I am struggling to fill the void where once was the fourth estate's legitimacy. I don't have the resources or the energy of the AOL, but I take my editorial duties seriously.

Every independent blog every day can show how all this crap our rulers are piling on us is not by accident but by design. My job is to convince readers of that conclusion. I need help.The history of total state controlled — Statist — countries has been a mountain of murdered skulls in excess of 100 million. The USA is in the grips of a Statist wave of governance coming on in full. After the destruction and deaths under the earlier wave of megalomaniacs it is quite clear — or ought to be clear — that anyone currently in power KNOWS where Leftist/Statist command economies leads.

So, it is not that they are in way over their heads, it’s that they're aiming to bulldoze their crap way over ours.

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