Friday, September 24, 2010

If Only The GOP Would Prove Me Wrong

Damn, Damn, Damn.

When I first conceived in 1999, and even when I finally commissioned in 2003, the following:
I really was hoping I'd inspire either a mea culpa out of the GOP leadership or a revolt by their supporters.

Well, the TP movement shows that Americans are sick and tired of lacking a real opposition party to the bipartisan, constitution shredding, power-greedy Statists in Washington.

And the GOP leadership has been showing some good signs of acceding to the will of the people as represented by the Tea Party.

But today all bets are off. It's all been lip-service my friends.

The following story by DrewM at Ace's place firmly reestablishes that our problem with the GOP is that they are just as much a part of the ruling class as the other disgusting party despite the presence of one or two good people still in the Senate GOP.

Murky: My Pals In The Senate Think I Can Win This Write In Thing


In other RINOrific news...Sources are telling Jim Geraghty that's it's 50/50 on whether or not Mike Castle runs a write in campaign for the Senate in Delaware.

DrewM goes on to note
"The GOP establishment would be going crazy if tea party candidates decided to run 3rd party campaigns in the general and rightly so. Now they need to show the same anger towards their own."
But they won't my friends. The Republicans and the Democrats have been getting along with each other since at least that time in the late 90's. The CSPAN cameras had just broadcast Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, Daschle and Lott (I forget which was which and over what) threw verbal brickbats at each other. Immediately after that was over, the same cameras happened to catch the two of them -- thinking they were out of camera range -- hugging each other.

I always imagined they were telling each other
"Good show -- the boobs at home bought our BS."

Are you still buying it?


  1. Did we really think they'd just roll over and let their power be stripped from them by the likes of the little people?

    Karl Rove has assessed the situation and has money flowing in from DC insiders who are paying him to help them keep their jobs.

    Bring the troops home and send 'em to DC. Nothing violent, just make all the deliberative bodies go home until we can elect new ones.

  2. Arggh!, Rove has been on my sheiß list since he guaranteed that Democrat Gray Davis would win reelection in 2002 California. Rove made it clear then that no conservative is acceptable, and I've had an uphill battle getting acknowledgment of his quisling machinations even amongst friends with names like Francis and Mark. I've a feeling you grok my frustration more than most.

  3. We took Rove at face value because he was W's go-to guy. Without that filter we see a different sort of man.

    However, I never could shake the idea, in the mid-term of W's second go, that Bush was not his own man, that something or someone else had something huge on him. Not a scandal-type thing, just a bit of horrid secret facts about the New World Order that kept Bush in straights. He seemed controlled by secrets, knowing as he did, of the Fannie Mae looming crisis and Frank's refusal to deal with it would be the End. But it never stopped him from signing every spending bill that crossed his desk.

  4. The commies hijacked the demo party. Maybe the patriots can hijack the GOP.

  5. I have secretly wished for both parties (R & D) to fall on their asses in complete and utter failure. It makes me ill to see the Tea Party consorting with the GOP... and the Palin. This is not going to turn out well.


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