Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SHOCK! -- An Open Ended Survey

Dear Readers.

I received a survey request (filled in below) from the Media Research Center (MRC). Initially I was expecting just another multiple choice form that misses many of the key issues of the day. Much to my delight, this one actually had, in addition to MRC's preferred topics,  "other" as choices. And what was even more special, MRC provided a space in which to spell out the other choice(s).

Burned out naif that I am, I have my doubts they will actually read what I put in the boxes. I know, many of you think I must be crazy again for even trying. But yes, while I still breathe, I will always try.

FYI: I have another post in the works providing evidence that MRC may not be all that it tries to convince us it is. They know how to ask money from us to do more of what they want; but when it came to answering the knocks at their door so they might listen to us, it seemed that, time and again, nobody was home.

Should they show some gonads here and actually respond as one expects of normal, decent human beings, I will have no need to publish it.

But right now, let me urge you to try to do what I did as shown below. Maybe, just maybe, we will actually affect Brent Bozelle's thinking, and he'll begin to listen to us more instead of simply telling us what he thinks is important. If you would like to participate, drop me a line and I'll forward you the email. Or if you don't want to hear more about while they want you to do this for them, just click this link.

Media Research Center. America's
Media Watchdog

We Must Hear from You . . . Please Take This Survey!

With so many ongoing scandals and the outrageous media censorship we're seeing in response, the Media Research Center needs your feedback and advice more than ever. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this quick survey. It will be an integral part of our strategy moving forward.

Our lack of a unified, anti-Statist party

Media's role in misleading Americans

Showing all MSM does not provide or misinforms about

Fix your tips & emails so it works! Enough with the mailer-daemons. You are leaving the impression you don't give a damn. Be more responsive!
6. If you could send a message to the American media, what would it be?
Americans have overall had a better life than subjects or citizens of other nations because they have been more free.

Stop your disinformation campaigns that aids the destruction of our liberties (as Pravda & Izvestia abetted the oppression of Soviet subjects). We know why many of you do so. We've heard it.  It is your elitist view that it is only right that common Americans should have a better understanding of how bad other peoples have it.

That sort of "equality" helps no human being other than the monsters who have risen to rule their peoples.

This is really something you can do without too much trouble. So please consider doing something similar. The MRC may simply ignore what you fill in, but please recognize that
we are rarely given such an opportunity. 

Take advantage of it as I have.


  1. Did as suggested. Doubt it will help much but it only takes a match.

    1. Wonderful. I hope you'll consider disclosing in another comment some slightly altered version (that retains your anonymity) of the suggestions that you made. That may spur ideas for other readers.

      There must someone else in your email list who you know who has felt stymied by the normal surveys. Do them a favor and alert them of the unusual opportunity here. If MRC sees it is getting a bigger response than normal, maybe, just maybe, they'll realize how they've struck a responsive chord and do more of it.

      BTW, MRC may have labeled this a survey, but it really is an RFG -- a request for guidance. It really is unusual.

  2. To No. 3 - The aiding and abetting by the media to elect an ineligible person as President, hiding his past and his associations, and giving him a free ride with his incompetence and his lies.

    1. Right. Like me, you want the media to investigate itself. If we are gonna be dreamers, it may as well be this.


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