Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Whenever I see or even hear of this cold and uncaring postmodernist martinet:
Kathleen Sebelius, Sec. Health & Human Demise

it destroys the sweet memory and nostalgia associated with this:

The entire Obama administration is despicable. But as regular readers know, I hold the entire global elitist sustainability crowd responsible for the Bummer's elevation. They so hate individual liberty and the thriving that results, that I suspect that He will hold them accountable for Obama and the millions of subsequent deaths.

*In case the video gets removed, it was the Sibelius scored vignette in Allegro Non-Troppo.


  1. The entire Obama maladministration is also carefully chosen. Why would the enablers of the 21st Century American Dictator not be so discerning!

    That cat in the cartoon posted is probably better off than what most of us will be, come the near future, that is unless of course the Oath Keepers can keep their oath and not cave into what is coming.

    On a personal note; I see you are still doing the hard yards mate. I do drop in from time to time to see how much penance you have accumulated.(grin) I am impressed at your perseverance as I am sure someone much higher than us is also just as impressed.

    Now back to the topic; I wonder what Kathleen Sebelius has for breakfast before she puts her arse up and her head down on making more and more Americans subject to her whims and fancies?

    A whole packet of stainless steel nails comes to mind, washed down with out of date white vinegar (the malt variety would be way too sweet for her) and finished off with number 9 grade very coarse sandpaper which saves her the bother of wiping her arse whenever those nails decide to exit.

    The only thing feminine about Kathleen my friend, and in my humble opinion, is her name! And I don't know what it is about her, but I keep thinking that she would make a fine concentration camp guard!.

    Over to you!

    1. Thanks very much for the kind words. I surely hope you're correct about my penance. I feel I cannot do enough.

      I'm glad to see you returned to blogging late last month. If you weren't in my feedly reader I'd have forgotten. Welcome back to the observation decks.

    2. I awoke about 1 AM and now it's near 3. That's the only reason your comment could be approved so quickly. Now I'm going back to bed. Gday to you Neme.

  2. Have a good sleep. Will be in touch!

  3. You up yet?
    I don't think he picked his administration.
    Dark forces were at work.

  4. What I'm impressed by - if that's right word - in the Obama Regime is how stupid are his Democommie lackeys! I'll bet if you added up their I.Q.s you may get to the same number as room temperature...maybe! But of course this is just par for the course in regards to Communist tyrannies, as anyone with so much as an average I.Q. opposes socialism...which was designed by stupid people for stupid people.


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