Friday, October 11, 2013

Too Late

"Dead Parrots"
I'm sorry Chris. The GOP needed to be replaced long before now. They helped install laws that will be used to essentially outlaw other parties under the guise that the people in them are a threat to the public. It's worse than conspiracy; it's consensus. There is only one way to break that up.


  1. It seems to me that now is the time for a third political party so that WE THE PEOPLE can have actual representation.

  2. REVOLUTION - The new political party in America!

    SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS - Death to traitors and tyrants!

  3. Ron,

    When I looked again at the comment I left at your blog, it struck me that it would be nice if I could convey a message to others as easily as I did to you.

    I referenced Clausewitz as I did for a reason that you felt you'd understand implicitly. Sadly not many others do.

    For that reason, I recently posted Back to Fundamentals. It points out how the Left and Statists have twisted Clausewitz' famous observation while the majority of Americans went about their daily jobs pretty much oblivious they have been under relentless attack for decades.

    Now various members of that cadre are rapidly seeking to consolidate their gains and have been dropping their masks. And yet, still, large numbers of Americans think it must be, at best, all a mistake, or maybe a gross misunderstanding between loyal citizens (when they are not falling for the Establishment's demonization of patriots).

    The depths of denial of my fellow Americans would be disheartening did I not feel that His law will prevail anyway, somewhere down the road.

  4. The thing that bothers me about this whole mess is what if what we are seeing is his will.

    There are more people who don't like the direction the country has taken than do, but we keep electing people who go down the less liked path.

    Either the system of elections is so comprimised in key point we can no longer control our destiny, or something else is at work.

    I don't like large conspiracies as they break down around the edges.

    1. "The thing that bothers me about this whole mess is what if what we are seeing is his will."

      It could well be. I've been called a Jeremiah for exactly that reason. I see how Americans have forgotten why they are so well off. When adhering to the Judeo-Christian moral code as well as any mortals could, we were undefeated. Who understands gratitude so much that they would dare give up even the minor comforts? Extremely few. Just like the Israelites before being dragged off to Babylon.

      So you could well be correct. Are there enough moral men left to regain His blessings? Now there's a prayer worthy of those who are.


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