Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More On How MSM is Now SSM

For those who still do not yet call the Main Stream Media (MSM) the Soviet-Style Media (SSM), here's a few paragraphs from Slate to demonstrate why it is so. And this particular example embodies the gruesome, Utilitarian nostrums of what is deemed right and proper by our ever more power-mad elite.

The title published by this laughably insignificant member of the SSM tells you all you need to know about the SSM's penchant for the Death Cult agenda:

Canada Has Death Panels

And that’s a good thing.

And the words of the article's second paragraph, and the last words of its third demonstrates how much like Pravda they are.
In other words: Canada has death panels.

I use that term advisedly. Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin made it famous in the summer of 2009, when Congress was fighting over whether to pass Obamacare. As Republicans and Democrats continue to spar over health care, we should pause to wonder why millions of Canadians have come to accept the functional equivalent of an idea that almost sank health care reform even though, in this country, it was imaginary.
Go read the rest to see why they concluded that "Canada has death panels."

What I feel it is most important to highlight is that even after senior Democrat Party officials have admitted that Obamacare has death panels, and slate admits that it likes them, Slate has the brazenness to flat out lie, continuing the official SSM narrative that Obamacare death panels are imaginary.

Thus MSM is SSM. QED.

Oh. And take notice of one more thing, much more important than anything pissant Slate may publish.

Once again, as the warning in my masthead reminds us daily, none of our "rulers" utters a harsh word against notions such as 'Death Panels are a good thing.' The propaganda aim is to get Americans accustomed to death panels; even to welcome them (as it says "many" Canadians now do). All the while pish-poshing that death panels are real. Craven, lying bastards are words too good to describe these cretins who are greasing the skids for a wholly new-to-America death-on-demand institution disguised as "healthcare."


  1. Calling Dr Kevorkian, Calling Dr Kevorkian. You are needed by Obama Care. Stat.

  2. A death panel eh! I can only shake my head in disbelief of the slippery slope that parts of Canada now finds itself on. And I find the author of that article a fool if he truly believes that government appointees, who BTW operate outside the law on that panel through government sanction, and I doubt that panel would be more wise than those judges who voted for the family of Rassouli.

    And yes, the author has lied about Obamacare!


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