Monday, October 21, 2013

Of Valor and Metal Past

As the death cult alliance sets up to extend politics in a Clausewitz sense, you may find it beneficial to be knowledgeable of what is possible against overwhelming odds. One such can be read at Seneca III's account, in 3 parts, of the battle of Rhodes. Start here: The Cross and the Crescent: Rhodes, 1522 (Part 1).

...the Order would have ceased to exist, for the Knights, as they had done so many times before, would have fought to the death. Fortunately, as it eventuated, the Order survived to find a new home and rebuild its manpower, and the Monks of War and the armies of Suleiman would meet again in Malta some forty-odd years later with a very different outcome.


  1. Funny that you would bring this up. I'm reading "A Short History of Malta" and just started the chapter describing the Ottoman Empire's attack on Malta in 1565.

    1. History is such pleasure to read, isn't it?

      The lesson learned at Rhodes made for a strategic improvement at Malta: naval support. You see what I liked most about S III's account of Rhodes.


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