Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Parsing the Leftists' Shifting of Blame

The following is a late comment inserted into the Breitbart List thread that was the subject of my last post.

You guys are living in a fiction here... How soon you forget that the House Republicans are the reason this is shut down, not Obama (my God you love to blame Obama for everything). You don't get to put the entire Gov't on hold and use it as ransom to get things done. That's extortion. There is a right way to do this: Try Winning an Election. Period.

The tone of this comment sounds too suspicious to me. It would not be the first time a web site used socks as trolls to increase comments. So my parsing of the comment includes jibes at Breitbart editors in a just in case manner. 

Parsing this:

Suspect commenter
You write like a Breitbart.com tool; trolling for comments. Just about every phrase you used sounds tongue-in-cheek, designed to be taken apart bit by bit.

Leftists build the fictions for liberals to inhabit. Your comment would be projection if you are really a lib or Leftist and not a breitbart tool.

You don't get to put the entire Gov't on hold
Correct, we don't. It's Obama. The Prez has the reigns to operate or not operate anything.

and use it as ransom to get things done.
Exactly what Obama has done. For any Fed areas that might hurt his opponents, he's shut them down For those areas that might hurt his base, he's kept them open. As examples of how he has chosen to shutdown selectively.
  1. Open especially, The National Mall: for an illegal alien rally (costing money). 
  2. Increasingly barrycading the WW II memorial: .Shipping in and installing barrycades; patrolling; arrests. All costs money; all NEW costs.
  3. Brazenly, for himself he's kept open all golf courses he uses. 

Hence the extortion is his. With each passing day he takes on more attributes of a living fascist-style dictator -- penalizing his opponents and rewarding his friends. And that is added to all the crony-captialism that preceded it, another earmark of fascism.

House Republicans are the reason 
House GOP are scapegoated by Obama and his media for every choice he makes to shut whatever he wants. The House does not tell the Prez what to shutter and cannot stop him. His refusal to negotiate on anything is the fact. He says so in his own words. Of course, the media won't highlight those instances, hence they are the rebirth of soviet-style media (SSM). Too bad Breitbart.com hasn't got the balls of its founder to call them that.

my God
Your god being obama, make that lower case.

you love to blame Obama for everything
I don't blame Obama for the GOPe's complicity with him -- in fact, he wouldn't be in office without their aid. The TEA party movement got started precisely because the GOPe is seen as off the reservation. Cannot blame the Bummer for that.

There is a right way to do this: Try Winning an Election. Period.
We did. We elected people to the House of Representatives who promised to reverse Obamacare if they could, or defund it if the Senate or Prez refused to budge. It is the Left that continues to deny that the House of Representatives is the one section of our government that, by constitutional design, controls our funding of the federal government. Executive orders spend beyond that is a crime. And do not try to tell us that Obamacare is "The Law." Your god keeps breaking that law depending on who he deems worthy of exemption, just like a fascist dictator.

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