Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Forced By Swine to Vaccinate

Where are the all those loudmouth activists who insist on labels on just about everything we consume? Just about?

How come with all this commotion to force us to get vaccinated, there are no labels on vaccine contents?

Is that because you swine at the top are trying to force down our throats what you would never allow private companies or lower level governments to do? You are going to try and get away with this even though Constitutional powers do not give you the authority.

Why? Are you trying to kill us?

Following on with this thought.
You pass laws requiring manufacturers provide every bit of information on food packaging from soup to nuts. Similarly for fabrics used in underwear to curtains to mattresses; even for most pharmaceuticals, including prescriptions that are delivered with fine print a mile long. On everything. Except! Except for those questionable vaccinations you've been forcing kids to endure for years before being let into schools.

I am appalled that it took me this long to notice.

Boy, you guys are good!

But you, like so many of the power mad who came before you, are blowing it now.

For now we are seeing another new wrinkle in this total lack of disclosure.

Doctors and nurses have been trained at great expense to them in time and money. They are very valuable assets to us individually and as important societal elements. If anyone knows how badly people can react to whatever is in vaccines, they would know.

Let me put aside your threats to our school children and their parents if they don't knuckle under to you (link1) and to our military personnel (link2) -- as if the connections between gulf war syndrome and squalene were easily whitewashed.

Our doctors and nurses are being threatened to be shut out of their trades (link3) They are put in danger of being bankrupted by not being able to pay back their investments in education, insurance, equipment, etc., unless they give up their rights and accept a top down demand to be vaccinated. It is allegedly for swine flu this time. But it could be in answer -- your answer -- to whatever new crisis you self anointed swine at the top dream up. Is that why you don't want us to call it swine flu, but rather H1N1 -- by official edict? Too negative? Too close to Orwell's depiction of you?

Who among us are better suited to understand that many recipients of vaccinations are injured or killed from what is in the vaccination? And you swine don't even want to disclose what's in it? Once again, all your secretiveness makes you suspects in my book.

So, I'm with them should they offer you all a collective "up yours." You want a national strike? You will surely get one.

You swine at the top: who the hell do you think are fooling? We know you love power just because you have it. You love that you are on the brink of stealing the ultimate power -- the statist power to control every aspect of life -- and you simply cannot contain your joy.

Let me remind you how your Napoleon disclosed what you all think
"We are God's partners in matters of life and death."
I got it. I got it. What -- you think you're something new? Throughout history more people have been put to death by their own governments than all the minor criminal activity that ever existed. So your dealing out death is really no big deal. What is a big deal is that you think you are gods... Boy, you really are that stupid.

**** Update ****
So you power-mad pigs know that many of your subjects are on to you, and you want to mute our warnings. You weren't satisfied after the moron at MSNBC, Ed Schultz, charged only the GOP with what I'm charging you. You saw you weren't making any headway in stifling the charges? So, for your next attempt at muting the truth, you let loose a freshman congressman from Florida, Alan Grayson, to level the same charges on the floor of Congress against the GOP alone. And that still wasn't enough -- because that's viewed only on little watched C-SPAN. So you had your Left-wing Ministry of Truth give Grayson fuller exposure to attack the GOP alone.

After all this, your rotten plans are still crumbling. Why? Because in trying to force vaccinations on us unwilling free men, you power-mad pigs remind us that this flu "crisis" fittingly bears your name -- SWINE.


  1. "After all this, your rotten plans are still crumbling. Why? Because in trying to force vaccinations on us unwilling free men, you power-mad pigs remind us that this flu "crisis" fittingly bears your name -- SWINE."


    JC Pasc, do you own a lot of weapons and preparing for Armageddon?

    Pasc, if the swine flu breaks out, similar to the Spanish flu of around 1918, are you going to blame the evil forces?

  2. Much of the spread of swine flu could have been stemmed by traditional quarantines.

    We were told it was bad for business.

    How many people have died already? The tally isn't being broadcast. Remember the daily tallies about the Iraq war? But not a peep on this killer's tally let go on the loose by our own government.

    Our power mad pigs don't want us placing blame on them for sure.

    And now we see that the forcing of flu shots on the schoolkids is good for business. The number of people who'll be crippled or die from accepting the shots will also not be publicized by Minitrue for the same reason. We'll get rumors instead.

    We don't have leaders in this country Rep. We have herd managers.

  3. Pasc, I read "The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History" by Barry about 1 year ago. Scary stuff. The particular strain we are dealing with was much like the 1918 strain, in that it's new, and if it mutates slightly, could become much more virulent. That's what happened back during the so called "Spanish Flu". The first wave was mild, the second wave the following year was devastating.

    Pasc, you have to trust a little bit. I trust the experts. Are you a virologist? You want to argue with hundreds of virologists? It's not like the vaccine companies are hedge fund managers, there's not that kind of money involved.

    That being said, I am not sure whether I'll get the shot or not. But I haven't been sick with a cold or flu for at least 8 years. I'll wait and see.

  4. The point is that you may have no choice in the matter. And certainly, had you any, your kids wouldn't.

    This is why I left the "liberal" fold a near half century ago. At college I witnessed their real aim was as far from favoring individual liberty as could be. Still it took another half dozen years, after a mountain of contradictions, before I stopped seeing what they wanted me to see.

    Oh -- and the GOP sucks, only less directly so. (They have the smoothest liars -- and it's probably the pubbies you like.)

    It's too bad that you still see it is all only driven by money. It only proves that you are more sentimental than are those who rule you. LOL

  5. "And now we see that the forcing of flu shots on the schoolkids is good for business."

    "It's too bad that you still see it is all only driven by money."


    Pasc, nothings perfect. You're right, maybe 10-100 people will die because of the vaccine. How many will die without the vaccine? The flu kills around 50,000 per year. How many were killed by the 1918 pandemic?


    "The pandemic lasted from March 1918 to June 1920,[3] spreading even to the Arctic and remote Pacific islands. It is estimated that anywhere from 50 to 100 million people were killed worldwide."

    Do you hate humans Pasc? :-)

    Was the Spanish Flu created by the government?

  6. WHO: this year's winter flu throughout the Southern Hemisphere claimed 3500 deaths attributable directly to swine flu.

    That's only 3500 Rep. And you believe in the existence of a dire threat because -- uh -- your religion tells you so.

  7. "That's only 3500 Rep. And you believe in the existence of a dire threat because -- uh -- your religion tells you so."
    Uh, not because my religion tells me so, because the experts tell me it's possible. Mankind hasn't had a decent plague for sometime, aren't we overdo? Maybe it's only 1 in 100 chance of this mutating into something really deadly, I don't know.

    Pasc, if we do have another plague/spanish flu size event, who are you going to blame?

    Who specifically are the evil human haters? Mankind, it hates itself?

  8. Maybe if you read you could keep up Rep. I hold both "Left and Right" accountable; in America that is the leaders of the two mainstream parties. That's not me and I'm pretty sure it's not you.

    Read this excerpt from my post yesterday.

    This is the consequence of there being no well organized opposition to what Thomas Sowell called The Vision of the Anointed. Inflated egos have carried too many souls into that inhuman condition of which C.S.Lewis warned in The Abolition of Man. Made ever more brazen by baseless accolades of those who rule the media, those at the helm of state are being encouraged to act as rulers. "You own the White House and both houses of the legislature, so ram your will through." From a perch that is above humanity, what rights does a mere human possess that megalomaniacs will recognize?

    Human haters rise to power because you and I are prevented from forming an alliance through our distrust of one another.

  9. Pasc, is the Chinese government loaded with human haters as they limit the number of children a couple can have?

  10. Reaper: "is the Chinese government loaded with human haters as they limit the number of children a couple can have?"

    When he asks rhetorical questions like this, he seems like my sock puppet. He's not. Sorry dear Readers. Og was right. Again.

  11. Pasc, Reaper is now RayGun. I felt I was scaring the easily scared cons, so I changed my name.

    Cons are the ones trying to frighten everyone, with their armed rebellions etc. That makes them our terrorists, doesn't it? Look up the definition of terrorist.

    Not a rhetorical question about the need for 10 billion Chinamen.

  12. Ah, but your Reaper poseur at least provides some depth totally lacking in Ray.


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    * Self Preservation
    * Debunking Con Lies
    * Freedom from Con Zealotry

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  13. Do you know who RayGun is mocking?

    What about the 10 billion Chinamen? Do I hate humans if I don't want 10 billion Chinamen running around, or do I just hate Chinamen? Comon Pasc, China is a great example of what you are talking about... I think.

    Have you read any of those books?

  14. China is headed by a central committee that views its humans as a state resource and property. In that sense they have achieved an elevated post above the masses. They decide who lives and who reproduces and how much. In that sense the leaders have placed themselves outside of mankind, and by reducing their countrymen to the status of a herd, they have refused to acknowledge their humanity and any natural rights.

  15. Ahhh, now we are getting somewhere.

    Ok, so you think it's a good idea to promote humans (ie; reproducing), even when a country such as China has a huge population?

    Religion is great at promoting humans and all in HIS name.

    Does human population have any consequence to the earth, resources, quality of life, pollution, etc? What is going to happen when China starts consuming as much as the US? They have 4+ times the population as the US.

    Pasc, we just can't run wild and produce as many GD kids as some nuts want to. Japan, USA, and a lot of other countries are pretty self regulating, but China was not.

  16. So you are a Malthusian. Why didn't you say so.

    You figure that we MUST -- that is inevitably -- depopulate like a herd of elk unless some overriding FORCE prevents it.

  17. And nice try at blaming belief in Him for Chinese population growth. China, before Mao, was largely Confucian, not JudeoChristian.

  18. I don't think we need to depopulate, just slow population growth, as has been done.

    "During the Cold War, after WWII, Chinese women were encouraged to have babies for the benefit of the government, to populate an army. At that time the US and Russia were seen as potential threats, and the leaders of China thought they should be well prepared with plenty of expendable lives."

    The evil government human lovers. Funny how people listen to their government more than they listen to their God. The Catholics are good people poppers, but nothing like the Chinese.

  19. Reaper Ray Gun: "I don't think we need to depopulate, just slow population growth..."

    It is a relief that you think that way Rep.

    However, we might actually be relieved were you to convince our brain trusts to alter course.

  20. With no signs of the H1N1 virus slowing down, the flu strain continues to hit children and teens in larger numbers than any other age group, and researchers are at a loss to explain why. According to The Associated Press, 11 children have died from H1N1 just in the past week, raising the total to 86 since the flu strain first hit. 43 of those deaths have occurred in the past two months alone.

    Furthering the problem is an increasingly high demand for the H1N1 vaccine and a supply that keeps coming up short. To stay updated on H1N1 activity and vaccine supply status, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Read more at:


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