Friday, June 08, 2012

Kudos to Ace Nevertheless

I've been critical of Ace of Spades for being both too sophomoric and too much in favor of what most people call RINOs, but which we here call SKUNCs.

However, he did something today that deserves kudos. He broke his one-day silence today (intended as part of the web protest on behalf of the attacks on Ali Akhbar) to Post why he turned down his Andrew Breitbart award:  because of his admitted cowardice. He feels -- and has good reason -- he must keep his anonymity. I think it was because he could not look himself in the eye and accept the award in absentia.

He didn't put it that way -- I just did.

But it took balls to admit.  He indeed has very good reasons to be concerned not only for his own safety, but for how ever many others who might be endangered were he outed by accepting the award.

His untitled post explains it in part. But his additional comments in the comment section reveal far more. I recommend doing a search for "ace" in the comments and finding what he has to say.

It's a dangerous world out there. I'm not sure what Ace thinks Congress can do about (he asks us to write) because bills of attainder are unconstitutional. And given the current dangers already to free speech, I'm very concerned about any generic laws Congress might pass.

Maybe I'm missing what he means by asking Congress to act. I personally think it will take nothing short of angelic actions to solve the problem.

 I'd welcome anyone who happens by here to explain to thick old me. What can Congress do about the outrageous behavior of the notorious jaw-house lawyer antics? (As far as I can see, his psychopathic ego is fed by every hit Google makes when it finds his name, and having Congress act on behalf of him would be akin to us putting icing on top of all of it.)

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