Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lying Propagandist Media — Anti-Justice Division

You should be angry. But that is only my opinion.

Just so you all notice and inform everyone you know so that they notice.

How many times have you heard our supposedly straight media repeat the word "alleged"used even in the most obvious criminal cases? In fact, even after a conviction, I've heard the words alleged convict strung together.

This all starts over reactions to the news yesterday that Sherrie Zimmerman was charged with perjury.

This morning – queuing up with other propagandists – I heard one co-host on an allegedly conservative talk radio, The Heidi Harris show (KRLA again),  refer to the Zimmerman's as [proven] liars, over and over again. Remember that this is all regarding their family finances before they knew the extent or availability of their defense fund. Besides, that was meant for George Zimmerman's defense and not his bail, and he has proven he is NOT a flight risk. Meanwhile the overcharging by the grand standing special prosecutor of George with 2nd degree murder is hardly even spoken of.

The whole point being to overwhelm George's 8th Amendment protections for political reasons. The reason, of course, is that the political class hates guns in private hands. So George is the political class' sacrificial lamb. That lamb represents YOU. Dammit folks.

But back to the reason I got fired up. A week ago I heard "fair-minded civil rights attorney" Leo Terrell (on KABC) [the sarcasm is in his own description, not mine] say the same things I heard today's talkshow co-host repeat over and over again. (The talking points for warming up the lynching mob I'd call it.) Repeatedly saying so-and-so 'is a liar; the wife is a liar; the whole family is a liar; now we know they are liars; they lie.'

That my friends is propaganda.

Guilty until proven innocent. Conviction and then the trial. If I am the only one making an issue of this today, this society deserves every bit of pain that is coming.

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