Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well, That's Some Relief

I am happy to report that Ace came through with

Now Prosectutor Angela Corey Is Deceptively Editing-- Cutting Out Key Parts of Zimmerman's Wife's Testimony To Make It Sound Perjurious.

It's time to fire her. Her intent here is obvious: She cannot win the trial and she knows it. Nevertheless, she feels she needs scalps -- some jailtime -- to either prevent riots or make her career, or both.

So she's pressuring Zimmerman, by both her absurd overcharging of Murder Two and now a threat to jail his wife, by throwing a trumped-up perjury charge against her.

It's time for her to go.

Yay! Has anyone else out there made a point of explaining (as I have tried to do here) how Angela Corey and the Florida justice system have trampled George Zimmerman's rights under the 8th Amendment without a peep from the media and civil rights attorneys (assuming such news hasn't been suppressed by the Agency of Lies.)

Now get the significance of this news Dear Readers if it is true as reported at the link above to Bob Owens.

I'm sure you all recall how NBC had edited that 911 call -- editing out key portions of the questions of the 911 operator -- so as to make it sound like George was a racist.

Well the special prosecutor here did the same damn thing, except NOT IN A NEWS REPORT. Angela Corey did that sort of edit in order to keep her charge of felony perjury on Sherrie Zimmerman from being thrown out of court. Do you see why Ace thinks Corey belongs behind bars yet? Then tell everyone you know. The lawlessness will surely grow unless light shines on it to send the like of Corey back under her rock.


  1. I don't read Ace, but I read you. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. You provide me enough reason to continue watching and reading and listening to things I can barely tolerate. The good news is I suffer from LOW blood pressure, so the outrages are probably keeping me alive. ;)

  3. I am blessed with an excellent AM talk radio station from (of all) places, the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor,
    WAAM. Bennet, Beck (who I listen to occasionally), Laura, and: ThayroneX! Then Michael Savage (eh).
    For kicks, listen to Thayrone for a bit at
    "This ain't your grandpa's talk radio."

  4. Angela 'Jabba the Hut' Corey likes to get her way by overcharging every case to the hilt. She is arrogant and abusive. She needs to go.


  6. Pascal, what does the Zimmerman's lawyer say about all this? Surely, this has to get public exposure.

  7. I don't know Neme. A Google search doesn't reveal much on your question, as you no doubt know already.

    It's possible that this all designed ruse to keep George (and maybe his wife too) under protective custody while heads cool down. And so the defense team is downplaying the clear-cut legality in the clients interests? It's a sick world we live in Neme.

    However, enough with my attempting to catch a glimpse of any bright side; after all, this is Florida. The state that gave us Janet Reno. The state where an old legal associate of Reno's Kendall Coffey was maneuvered into "representing" Elian Gonzalez interests against the Reno/Castro kidnappers. The state that barred Terri Schiavo's parents and many sympathetic Americans from caring for her; and then let her be killed by withholding drinking water.

    Angela Corey was appointed special prosecutor in this case by the current sitting Republican governor. George Zimmerman is a registered Democrat, and part black himself. But that didn't keep the NYTimes from declaring him a "white" Hispanic; the same newspaper that declares anyone racist who questions Fauxcahontas' claimed Cherokee heritage.

    Sick world did I say? Or really just a real-life version of a completely unbelievable TV drama/farce?

  8. Didn't Angela Corey pledge to not do this when she took office? Such editing is a form of perjury. THAT's why she belongs in the pen.

  9. I don't know Windy. I'm not even sure what you mean by "not do this." It's so blatantly dishonest (let alone seemingly illegal) I cannot imagine anyone taking office specifically promising not to alter evidence. Do you have a link to match your memory?


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