Thursday, June 28, 2012

How Ford Kept Bummer At Bay

We know how every American company except those that have firm political ties to The Won (gee, could that be GE?) has had difficulties of some sort the last 3+ years. About the only thing we've heard against Ford was when they ran ads about how they didn't need handouts from the government.

What goes on in Dearborn Michigan, the home of Ford, must go on with the tacit blessings of Ford.

Readers who wish avoid being angered by the violent events shown in the earlier portion of this clip, please skip to 15:40. Watch and listen to the dialogue between the victims and the police captain. Violent reactions to silent vigils, the most non-intrusive form of free speech (unlike OWS) are given tacit approval by the police -- and thereby the violence is encouraged to escalate. Indeed, what happens at the end proves that the police were lying and chose to attack the victims from another angle. Witness how free speech was squeeze in a vise. Violent thugs are one jaw, while the other jaw applies pressure under the color of authority.

It is my opinion that the behavior of the police here would be different were Ford unhappy with these events. This sort of thing has happened before, so nobody who has any power in Dearborn can credibly claim ignorance. Indeed, the "religious" trends in Dearborn would not have developed over the years without Ford's encouragement. I conclude that Ford's attitude to societal changes in Dearborn goes a long way in explaining Hussein's "go easy on Ford" policies.

I am sorry if I have angered those of you who think Ford is somehow a sterling stand-out in American business. This nasty event heavily suggests they have simply sold out to anti-American forces via another tactic.


  1. Ahhhh the religion of peace....such a tolerant and understanding religion as well.

    And those cops had their orders alright!

    And I think the Big 'O' has more than another four years in office on his mind.

  2. Thanks for the corroboration from a LEO, Neme, of my reading.


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