Saturday, June 02, 2012

Partials: Give Away the Keys, Get Blamed for the Thefts

On August 1, 2011, John Boehner caved to pressure (or, as yet to be proven, went along with his cronies) and gave the President the right to raise the debt ceiling at his will, as if Obama were a dictator.

So, today, the headline reads:

Debt Up $1.59T Under GOP House—More in 15 Months Than First 97 Congresses Combined.

Please vote in more TEA Party congressman so we can be rid of this good-old-boy Boehner.


  1. And the McConnell he rode in on.

  2. Boehner is a most informative example of how power corrupts absolutely. A man who worked hard all his life, according to him, and in his twilight years becomes Speaker of the House, a goal which seemed so far out of reach to him only a few years ago. So what is the first thing he does as Speaker? Stamp his authority? No of course not! He is the Speaker of the House and allows himself to be co-opted into the criminal activity that is so rife on Capitol Hill!


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