Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More on the Sham of "Conservative" Talk KRLA

KRLA has had the hubris to refer to their network as "The Answer" since the week that Heidi Harris was brought in to replace Glenn Beck in the 6-9AM slot.

Earlier today I griped about how one co-host on Heidi's show repeatedly referred to the Zimmerman's as liars. This has been the relentless Statist propagandist response to first George, and now Sherrie, with being charged with perjury over what was allegedly their personal finances for the purpose of setting bail (which anyway, as stated in Bill of Rights number 8, is only a guarantee against flight risk, and is not supposed to be a punishment for a man innocent until proven guilty).

The miscreant co-host, whose name I did not catch, was the identified "liberal" of the three on the show. Heidi and the other co-host are allegedly the conservative voices.

Yet, how did they respond to the guilty-as-charged Lefty propagandist. "Yes, it's bad to lie to a judge." and "It's sure to get you on the wrong side of the judge by lying to him." Yes, that's right, they accepted the Lefty's assertion without any hint of objection. Not a single hint of "whatever happened to referring to the charges against the Zimmerman's as merely allegations?" No. Instead they let the propaganda stand and indeed, implicitly agreed with. They are not helping our nation and its society one iota. Conservative my eye.

There they are: butt naked and without shame. That's what passes for "conservative" on the Salem Radio Network. And maybe that IS conservative. Dare not contradict the repetitive lies of the Statist wingers. Might rock our cushy little boat here to get on the wrong side of the Statists.

If you, Dear Reader, are already pissed off with what nasties were granted the "liberal" label for over half a century; and pissed off with what has been granted the "progressive" label for over a century (and only recently picked up by the Democrats to join with the country-club Republicans), then maybe you ought to be pissed off with what calls itself "conservative" now.

Conservative is supposed to represent rule of law, not rule of mob and its demagogues. Jeesh!

More and more I am appalled to be affiliated with what calls itself conservative. And the libertarians have gone off the rails ever since the Libertarians were infiltrated by the wackos previously kicked out of the Dem and Rep Parties. Classical liberal is more akin to how this country was founded even before the constitution was ratified.

There is nothing I can see that is close to the principles that are classical liberal at "conservative" Salem that don't have a Statist tinge to them today. And that includes two men I still have some regard for at Salem, Dennis Prager and Bill Bennett. I've got both on record as bowing to Statist spin rather than human rights. And just so that nobody here should be surprised, as pointed out in 2010 by Phil Muliver at Ohioans for Concealed Carry in Not-So-Conservative Talk Radio, anything which hampers your rights to guns was official policy under Czar Bennett when he worked for GHWBush.

Look: I fear I am thinking too much like Winston Smith when I rant like this.  That is, it appears my paraphrasing takes the form: Our only hope is in the proles blogs.

But that's not quite correct. If blogs such as this one can make a few more people aware of how the alleged alternative media really is NOT alternative, and gives you ideas so you can make your neighbors aware, then indeed there is SOME hope in these blogs.

Get to it.

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