Thursday, March 17, 2011

Preponderance of Evidence

The preponderance of evidence is sufficient to prove culpability in a civil case.

Thus, a side note by Gabriel Malor today points to where we find proof positive that the Agency of Lies (MSM) is run by radical Leftist. Here's the explanation.

In the story Michigan Dem Party Officials Charged for Fake Tea Party Election Scheme, Gabe Malor
  • introduces where he's heading with "Most people think that messing with elections is a big deal." 
  • posts an inset with the facts and names and positions of the accused former Dem Party officials.
  • summarizes: "The crimes include false swearing, perjury, and forging records. The investigation is ongoing and will likely extend to other Michigan counties."
  • then adds the side note mentioned above.
He writes:
Note: the press and some bloggers are carefully reporting that these men are former Democratic officials, .... [highlighted mine].
Mr. Malor then goes on to conclude:
...which I suppose is technically true now. They are former party operatives at this moment. But they were both official representatives of the Democratic Party at the time they set up their fake Tea Party scheme. They only quit their party posts after their crimes were discovered.
It's a little thing, but Democrats shouldn't be allowed to distance themselves from this even a little bit. Don't think for a minute that the Democrats didn't greet the creation of fake Tea Party candidates with indecent glee and hope that the frauds would sway elections. [emphasis in original]
The point of my post here was made in a comment at Ace of Spades HQ:
"Note: the press and some bloggers are carefully reporting that these men are former Democratic officials..." -- Gabriel Malor

Of course they were former Democrats.
There are no enemies on the Left is the Leftist slogan to remember here.
And this is proof positive that the Agency of Lies (MSM) is entirely run by radical Leftists. It is the duplicity of the AoL  which condemns them. It's for the same reason that the DAMNED SKUNCs are condemnable. At least the the Democratic Party, while bad enough for cheering this on, is openly partisan. Not so the American media. They continue to fly the false flag of "neutrality."

Our job as bloggers has been to expose this core lie of the Agency of Lies so that less and less of the general public believes their lie of neutrality. We are winning, and I applaud Mr. Malor making a note of the Agency of Lies partisan butt cleaning in this instance.

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