Thursday, March 10, 2011

Politically Cowardiced -- Updated

I've been informed that between 38 and 39 minutes of the first hour of the Michael Savage Show tonight, Dr. Savage said something like [Updated with the correct quote from source at 22min.]
"Well, you ought to report child abuse. Of course it wouldn't go anywhere in the politically cowered, politically coward-ed New York City school system."

There was no mention of the fact that yours truly originated the concept and has used politically cowered, politically cowed, and political cowering regularly ever since as replacements for political correctness and PC and politically correct.

This from the talk show host who regularly complains about others stealing his words and giving him no credit.

But then again I've railed about all of radio's allegedly conservative talkers for quite some time.

People, the reason that talk radio has been so successful is because conservatives were forced into feeling desperate that MSM never granted their views a fair chance.

This has been my long standing theory:

Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailles were granted access to the Sacramento Bee's Letter to the Editor some time in the late 1980s.

They witnessed all the well written criticisms of modern liberalism that were thrown into the Bee's trash bin.

Roger Ailles recognized the broadcast vacuum that represented the absence of  these thoughts, and he saw a huge money making opportunity.

That was the beginning of the rise of Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailles into broadcast history and multimillions of dollars.
How long have I had these thoughts? Since around 1992, which was shortly after I was told:
"Hey, you sound like Rush."
"What's a rush?" I responded.
People listen up:
Talk radio is not inventing conservative thoughts. It is the echo chamber of your thoughts. And in many ways, it is the place where your thoughts are discredited, by everything from Dr. Savage's hostile rages and huge ego to Rush often behaving like he's joined at the hip to establishment Republicans.

Take your thoughts back and claim them as your own. So the next time when some one says you sound like Rush, or Sean or Glenn or Savage or Levin or whoever, correct them and say:
"Hell, no. He sounds a little like me all the while missing many of the things that are important to me." 
The question may come back "Like what?" And there's your opportunity.
Be prepared for it.
Blog and get better at saying what you really think.


  1. Savage has a long history of being famous on other people's thoughts. He's made an excellent living of it.

    Sorry I haven't been able to get to this until now, but this- like almost anything- doesn't surprise me in the least.

    The good news is that someone with a big-wattage bullhorn is getting the ideas out there, but the bad news is he picks and chooses the things he wants to say. It's his right to do so, but as you say, we have to make our voices heard in their entirety, not just the crap that "our betters" want to put out there.

  2. "We have to make our voices heard in their entirety, not just the crap that 'our betters' want to put out there."

    Thank you, Og. That was the primary point of my post. I needed to have a recent example to show Savage and all the other talkers how serve Right ideas properly. Instead some very bright people thought I was griping (like Savage) about not being given credit. It's not their fault either -- it's what they've come to expect I think.

    My getting personal credit is of infinitely less importance than the ideas I write about.

    One of my most important memes, from ca. 1976, was improved upon by Ronald Reagan ca. 1983. I was never upset that I got no credit for it.

    What I AM upset about is that the speech, and the concept he presented, seems to have been lost. I have not been able to find the speech on the Internet.

    I have no doubt about it. The Statists hate the words of that speech. I haven't gone to the Reagan library to search, nor paid to see the Reagan archives to find the speech. I'd hate to do that and find it was not there.

    I've written of this speech before

    Once again, personal credit is meaningless. Of tantamount importance is that good ideas reach as many ears as possible so that good minds can be inspired once again to reivigorate the American conscience.


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