Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Hope This Reform Was Due to Our Discussion

Likening this to "something out of a total dictatorship," Michael Savage criticized the Obama administration for orchestrating the Prez' acceptance of an "award for openness" immediately after holding four (4) meetings closed to the press.

Dr Savage explicitly, by name, gave JammieWearingFool the credit for the story Obama to Hold Four Meetings Closed to the Press Today, Then Will Accept Openness Award.

Last week I made an issue of, and got misunderstood for, talk radio hosts
  1. not giving credit for news and ideas to blogs and 
  2. how it was especially hypocritical for Dr. Savage to not ascribe credit to others. 

So I think it only right that I say tonight:
Thank you Dr. Savage for reforming your chronic oversights. By giving due credit to blog sources you strengthen the team. Keep it up.

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